Tuesday, November 28, 2006

cerita bergambar + 5 things

Sharing a few photos I managed to snap during our recent stay in APSH, before the battery went totally dead. I have a few in my hp, unfortunately my pc doesn’t have that ‘gigibiru’ facility, hence I couldn’t download them.

kakak registering herself at the admission counter. seen together with abah

interframe - jeans kelipkelap I bought in Namdaemun, Korea

pekerjaan si Muhammad Iman

lagi pekerjaan si Muhamad Iman

Anyway, let’s us bore ourselves with my ‘5’ things. KakZ, I sincerely think and feel my answers are all boring and uninteresting. But anyway, here goes..

5 things i would like to do if i were a millionaire:
1. Pay-off all debts including that of my parents. Tho there’s not much under my belt (sepadanlah dengan gajiku) but to langsaikan a bit here and there would be a relief to me.

2. Build welfare homes for the needy or start-up a project where they can benefit financially from it.

3. Pegi haji with my family.

4. Build a small but perfect home on a piece of land not in KL, outskirt maybe. A room for everyone with a surau, a small reading room cum library, a taman with a little pondok and a big-big kitchen.

5. Buy a small car for myself perhaps?

6. Air purifier for every inch of the house!

5 bad habits:
1. Shop at hearing rumors about bonus. Got plastic money what.. (bad baddddd badddd habit)

2. Suka lipat kaki atas kerusi bila makan.

3. Keep things which can’t be used anymore. Contohnya baju anak-anak. Sentimental values konon, sudahnya jadi sarang cik lipas. But I somehow grew that habit bit by bit. Some other kids can benefit from that rather than cik lipas sekelian.

4. Good at soothing myself when I overly shopped.

5. Procrastinate.

5 things i hate doing:
1. No ironing for me. I’d rather fork out some dough to send them to the laundry nearby.

2. Folding clothes especially those of my kids. The smaller the items, the harder it seems.

3. Follow-up-ing countless times after sending-off emails. Aiyohh, organizer ada sorang satu kan, company bagi kan.

4. Waiting for the suratkhabar man to sell-off suratkhabar lama but for the past months, they just don’t come. So, ada setambun suratkhabar lama tersadai in my porch.

5. Adjusting sewn clothing after stitching it sbb tersilap.

5 things i never do:

1. Buy original designer handbags.

2. Paint my house with warna-warna ceria (told you, I am boring)

3. Buy carved furniture (that is so not me.. PLUS, imagine the dust they’re gonna accumulate)

4. Wear shoes with heels more than 1.5inch.

5. Paint my lips red or pink.

5 things i regret doing:
1. Delaying pakai tudung until I was 20 I think.

2. Buy 2+3 sofa with dry-cleanable-only slipcovers (I later tried to wash them in the washing machine. They were all shrunk and the colors run a bit).

3. Yelled and told my gynea what to do when I was in labor room.

4. Let the rumput mutiara kat laman mati after a few months.

5. Not driving in KL until now.

5 fave toys or things:
1. Handphone. Going out without one is like going shopping without my under**** on. No one knows but I’ll be too conscious to the fact and start to act weird.

2. Camera. A good tools to keep memories alive, especially when you have kids.

3. Spec. I am almost blind without them.

4. Washing machine boleh ke? I can’t imagine myself without one when each kid wear like 4 pairs a day?

5. A kenji brooch, worn on my wedding day last 6+ years.

well, that's about it for today.


Syikin said...


baca entri ummi sebelum ni, samalah kita nampaknya kena ujian kesihatan anak2 n diri sendiri, tapi ujian ummi sekeluarga lagi hebat siap bertunggu bertangga di hospital.

Terfikir saya, apa masalah kesihatan kakak sebnrnya hingga dia terlalu kerap demam panas? ke saya ketinggalan ketapi?

bab 5 things ni

- saya dah start belajar buang mana yg patut, tak larat simpan dah.

-lipat baju, kita sekapallah hehe..

- area rmh saya ni tiap2 minggu apek beli paper lama ronda..

-saya pun tak reti pakai high heels n mekap2 ni :D. takat celak mata tu boleh lagilah

- tak kira cepat atua lambat bertudung, yang penting kita istiqamah setelah memakainya. Allah tu Maha Pengampun n Penyayang

ummi said...

syikin ~ kadang2 saya terpikir jugak kot2 ada somthing else yang serius (nauzubillah). kakak start tak berapa sihat masa umur dia 2+ tahun. sebelum tu mmg tip-top dia ni. saya mintak sangat kat Tuhan dia sihat2 in future sbb kalau dah sekolah rendah nanti, susah kalau tertinggal banyak hari kan.