Friday, November 03, 2006

message from the birthday boy

Attaya akummm.. (translate into adult's language ~ assalamualaikum)

When I was dancing and jumping this morning, Ummi sang Happy Birthday To You. A song I heard in nursery almost every month. Ummi hugged me. Ummi said I am a big boy already. I am 2 today! But Ummi, eventho I am a big boy already, can I still sleep with kikkerr?

me and kikker

Ummi said I am a challenge to her. Even to get me. She was on bromocriptine and clomid before she finally got pregnant with me. She said it was something to do with the hormonal thingy (abah,.. women ARE complicated). When she was carrying me, she had a labor show when I was just a 7 months foetus. She had to spend 3 days in APSH and poor her Abah couldn’t wait on her since he had to stay with Kakak at home. But I was there with her, accompanying her. Eventho she couldn’t hug me then, I was there, close to her. So Abah really need not to worry, I was there.

I guess Ummi had written here how I was born and what kind of labor experience she had to push me to the world. I was sucked out, simply said. Boy, I couldn’t wait to wear those thing Abah had around his neck, handsomely getting ready for work. I ended up with my own umbilical cord instead. Abah had just one tie but I have 3 loops around my neck. It was kinda suffocating me, really. But I had better APGAR than Kakak, nyeh nyeh nyeh.. Atok and Wan said I am cuter, fairer and more gebu than Kakak nyeh nyeh nyeh..

Did Ummi write here about how clinging I was to her when I was small? I loved to be held and nursed most of the time. In fact during my first 2 months, I gained almost 1.5 kg every month. I really drained Ummi. She was a frail 40kg when her confinement ended. Nope, she’s now 6-7kg heavier. And I made Abah and Ummi worried to the roots of their hair when I had prolong jaundice. I was well over a month old when the yellowish finally subsided. Dr told Abah and Ummi, I had breast-milk jaundice (Abah and Ummi were perplexed when seeing my jaundice result getting higher eventho Ummi fed me more and more as told, to reduce my jaundice but, it was explained, lega diorang). That year, Abah and Ummi didn’t really celebrate Eid, as they were so worried seeing me a little yellow baby. Abah and Ummi brought me back to KL for my one month shot. When we were in KL, I got constipated, thanks to Ummi who broke the confinement rules. I spent most of the time crying and only stopped when I was put to Ummi’s breast to nurse or simply to be comfy ‘there’. They rushed me to APSH when they thought they couldn’t handle me anymore. And on the way, Abah’s brand new, 2 weeks old Optra was hit from behind and it cost him thousands to repair. Thanks to that crazy uncle who followed us on his bike, much too close and too fast for comfort that he hit us and flung himself on the road, breaking several of his fingers.

Last year, Ummi was so excited as my 1st birthday would coincide with Eid 1426. She said, that could be once in a lifetime event. She prepared for Eid in a way she never did before. We all had color coded baju raya. Abah and me in brown rich cotton baju melayu while the girls (Ummi and Kakak) in their pink kurungs. But again, we didn’t really celebrate as I was down with cruel pneumonia. Poor Abah and Ummi. They had sleepless night. They had to deal a lot with my vomiting. And I was one little monster when I was unwell. But Ummi assured Abah there was hikmah in all those. On 5th day Eid, I was admitted to APSH. And Kakak, did I ever thank you for putting up with me at that time? And that you had to stay back in kampung with Atok and Wan while Ummi and Abah gave their utmost attention to me? I did not, did I? Well, at least you got that Annika doll, complete with her magic wand and that little horse as compensations. Fair, wasn’t it?

Well, I am sure Ummi had also written here how I behaved during Eid or simply how I am living my daily life. I can be soo sooo very handful but I can be adoringly huggable and kissable. I can be really friendly. I run a lot. I jump a lot. I drink my formula a lot too. I am one little jealous boy when it comes to Ummi so stay away from her, she’s mine. And stay away from Abah too, he’s Ummi’s. As for Kakak, I love her but I just also love to confront and provoke her until she cries and retaliates. Ummi told Kakak I’ll stop doing that when I grow up but I haven’t really decided on that. Don’t tell Ummi that okay.

I have to sign off now. Big boy has a lot to do, they say. Now, where’s my new HOTWHEELS?

ps: Abah made us 'CRISPY POTATO WEDGES' a few days ago, maybe you'll want to try it out this weekend. Recipe is here.


aida said...

happy birthday iman :D

~adeQ~ said...

heheh...Hepi besday iman...dah 2 tahun dah..same besday with my brother...tapi yg ke 26, baru gi ajak ubby belanja dia malam a good boy...

ilsa said...

**Happy birthday Iman**
my my.. you are a handful! .. didn't know you had pneumonia before.. semoga bila Iman besar Iman jadi anak yang soleh dan membalas semula jasa baik Ummi dan Abah :)

yatipruzz said...

one of ur bestest post 'iman'? ehehehe

Heppy Besday to u!
Be a good boy to ur parents and kakak ok!
Jgn noti2 sgt tau

hugs n kisses
-auntie yati n idlan-

kakZ said...

ok iman dah big boy. tidoq ngan ummi lagi ka?

anak aunty yang dah 4 tahun masih nak tidoq ngan mama dia lagi.(kalau abah depa tak dak yang dah 11yr pon nak tumpang sama - tak ataih katil, tepi bawah pon jadilah)