Saturday, November 11, 2006

blue-blacks we may be

I’m back!!

Short notes
:: Thanks to all well-wishes.
:: Yes Farra dear, Ummimon is indeed me. We’ve had meeting together before. I remember back in 2004, both of us were pregnant, me with Iman and you, Mus’ab.
:: Spoken to PB last week (I think ~ forgive my memory). Suara ala-ala anak dara you.. PB, harap-harap solution dah ditemui untuk masalah PB tu.
:: Congrats to Elin and Aida yang menerima jemputan Allah sebagai tetamuNya. Semoga mendapat keberkatan dan kelancaran mengerjakan haji. Doakan kami di sini. *jeles*

Ok, back to my ‘berpergian’.

Me, along with ½ of the office, including Sikulat, Zarid and my cubicmate, Rahmah, went to Selesa Resort
(somewhere in Bentong, near Bukit Tinggi but it wasn’t at all di bukit-bukit nan tinggi okayy) for a 3d2n ‘Teaming To Win’ programme. Simply said – teambuilding. Overall rating (by me, personally) on a scale 1-10 (10 is the best), I gave it maybe 7 or 7.5. Not bad huh? That point is given after considering the fact that we have great time albeit the bruises, blue-blacks, aching muscles, sore throat and the likes. I am only better today. After coming back, I’ve been limping at home, especially after sitting or lying down too long. At least I didn’t get as much blue-blacks like Zarid did, and nor did I lose any shoe-sole like Sikulat who lost the sole of both sides of her sneakers. While Zarid’s had littlest grip on her shoe soles, Sikulat’s had more than she needed. I guess her soles gripped the soil farr to much sampai lekang dari kasutnya.

Ok. Now what did we do over there? Thankfully, it was 80% outdoor, 20% indoor, else we all’d be nodding off to ohlala land. The day kicked off with a short briefing followed by ‘The Nail’ and ‘The Mole’. After Asar, we had telematch. We cheered on top of our lungs, we laughed out at ourselves and others and we stumbled on one another. And we were back with aching legs, sweating. Night was spent trying to choreograph, put lyrics to melody for the final presentation the next night. When we were back to our apartment (shared with Sikulat, Zarid and Rahmah), we had tell-tale of our love-lives, our ex-es (not that we have many anyway), our kids until we were all nodding away.
(Photo left ~ us, before the programme kicked-off)
(Photo right ~ The Moles. It turned out that it was all misunderstanding and ketidakpercayaan)

2nd day saw us having a more vigorous activity. After breakfast we had ‘Obstacle Run’. Panjat pagar (was 5m tall I think), lari ‘zig-zag’, lalu spider web (made of metal chain), got ourselves literally thrown through tayar besar, panjat and turun semula a-pyramid-like structure (where Zarid jatuh berkali-kali – kasut takde bunga), did commando crawl under barb wire, jalan atas uneven tunggul kayu whilst balancing ourselves, panjat dan turun semula riverbank yang licin sambil memeluk buluh-buluh yang miang (which under normal circumstances, would leave us scratching the whole day), masuk jeram air then panjat bukit semula. 2 persons left me gawking..
(Photo ~ lookk who's trying hard to balance herself)

:: PERSON1 ~ a man who managed to have just a bit of his hair went out of place after all those activities. Other than that, he was as neat and handsome as ever. Even baju dan seluar dia were not as comot as the rest of us. I am beginning to belief that people like James Bond does exist in real life, don’t you think? You know, after great explosions, they always managed to survive neatly and handsomely.
:: PERSON2 ~ a lady who passed all obstacles. Turned out a bit comot. Cleaned herself thoroughly in the stream and fetched out her make-up kit. Within minutes, voila…. She was as ready as if going for a high-tea.

On the last night, we did our little performance. Sikulat’s group won with their march song, complete with the tip-tapping of drum. It was followed by a karaoke session, which left me, Sikulat and Zarid with throbbing heads from the loud noise, lampu yang kelam-kelam and some ‘sumbangsih’ they did. Bravo to the bravery, anyway. (some sang well too). I gawked. They twisted, the danced, they salsa-ed, they joget-ed. It was easy to get overwhelmed so I just watched from the sidelines.

The kids and their father coped well. Everything was still in place when I got home. The kids ate well. They were neat. So is their wardrobe. You were right people, salute to Mdh. I just had to clear the laundry. Mdh and laundry just don’t go along well, let’s put it that way.

So now, here I am. Continuing back from where I left before last Wednesday. With renewed spirit and some blue-blacks.


yatipruzz said...

bestnyer course korang ni..jeles!
sape organizer?

aida said...

i know the place, dekat jugak la dgn rumah.. ahaks

thanks for the wish, kak tie

ummi said...

yati ~ superb except part yang mana kami telah ditolak dan terjatuh dan sebagainya dengan non-muhrim..

aida ~ just 15min drive from gombak kan. too bad kami tak sempat ke kebun sayur.

Ajzie said...

Ooo ic ..ingat gie makan angin lagi...

Syikin said...


yg 80% outdoor yang best tu, kalau tak, menguap aje time talk tukan..

tahniah kat mdh sbb berjaya handle segalanya ngan baik..bab laundry tu, tak pe, yg penting anak2 terjaga ngan baikkan..

mardhiah12 said...

whole unit ke pergi?

Nero ...... said...

Kecian eek kena tinggal suami n anak2..saya pun this kena pi team building..mmg sedih kenang kan lg2 thaqif still lagi bf...uwaaaa

ummi said...

ajzie ~ makan angin jugaklah tu. secara tak langsung.

mardhiah12 ~ a ah. tp in 2 batches. 1st batch last wk, 2nd this week.

nero ~ apa kata orang nih... absence makes the heart grows fonder.. mmg teringat2 anak2 tp what to do, kena pegi. since we were there already, might as well just participate and make the most of it kan. teambuildingnya nanti kat mana? bawak breast pump tau, jgn lupa.

ummi said...

syikin ~ yup, we can't have the best of everything kan. tu pun kira dah ok sgt dah tu dpt singlehandedly jaga budak2 nih. cuti sekolah nak kemana nanti?

ilsa said...

syoknyee.. hai teringat zaman2 belajar and anak dara dulu pulak bila tgk activity outdoor camni :) kesiannye semah! tapi takpe, semah kan mmg dah biasa lasak masa kat uni dulu.. hehe