Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Entry 2009

End of 2009. How time flew, before I knew it, it is 31st December again. I am actually on leave but need to come to the office to settle few urgent matters PLUS, to pick up items my frens helped me buying. USANA Essentials & Proflavanol and tudung hanger from IKEA.

Ada 28 slot u olsss. Apakah ini bermakna salah satu resolution Kak Mon ialah mendapatkan 28 tudung baru? Oh nooooo!!!

Tebby took a 1/2 day off and we went to MidValley to date and to shop, to eat and to indulge. We're planning a small BBQ treat within our nucleous family. BBQ pit from Ace, beef, lamb, chicken, prawns from Carrefour. After loading the loot in the car (which we had tough time to find a parking bay), proceeded to Borders for some books. Tebby found none while I, who never fail to drain my money anyway, bought 2 books. Cook books to be exact. After Borders, we had coffee, toast and cheong fun. Bought Durian Pancake as well, much to Tebby's irritation he he. FYI, he doesn't like the smell, let alone eating it.

What do I think of 2009? I have a few thing to jot down. Esok ya.. Malam ni saya busy mem-prepare bahan-bahan untuk BBQ. Entry BBQ pon esok ya...

Happy New Year.
May next year be a better one that the ones before.

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