Sunday, November 01, 2009

Books And More Books

I buy books. I don't necessarily, immediately and promptly read them tho. Justifications? Books don't expire over time but your tax relief does. Plus, instilling good habits in your children, must first start with youself.

Previous years, I made it a monthly routine to buy books worth at least RM100 so at the end of the year, I have at least RM1,000 worth of books bought. It was not hard to do, I tell you. With books at the average of RM30++ each, you can just get 3 or 4 without stretching your budget. I have 3 kids, 2 of which demanded books for themselves as well. The rest self-explains I guess.


This year I was a bit slow doing this. My sister's wedding, my 4th pregnancy, followed by heartwrenching miscarriage, adjustment to Tebby's continuous domestic and overseas trips etc. To cut things short, in October, my books purchases were hardly 1/3 of the target so I am pushing the budget, so to speak. Hence the spree on books lately.

My recent purchase includes Her Fearful Symmetry, The Concubine's Daugther, The Adoration of Jenna Fox (Tebby suggested), 2 books from the Inspectors Singh's series, 2 vintage books by Jane Austen i.e. Sense & Sensibility (I know, I know, macam budak sekolah) and Pride & Perjudice (again?) and Seven Years In Tibet.

I've just finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife. Before that it was Tunggu Teduh Dulu by Fehsal Tehrani. I think I'm gonna read Hijab Sang Pencinta next. I'm not good at book review. In a nutshell, The Time Traveller's Wife, is a must read. There's a movie based on the novel too. Tunggu Teduh Dulu satistified my crave for good malay books.

Tebby suggested this. Thanks Yang.
Love it big time.

I also bought quite an impressive collection of cook and recipe books. I, however, shyly admit, I just tried like 3 or 4 recipes so far. Maybe one each week as 2010 resolution? Haven't I, every year, anyway? We'll see if I can stick to it next year, shall we?

Note the 'EASY' series. That explains what level of a cook I am :P

I also have a complete collection of Indonesia's writer Andrea Hirata. It began with the lad's Laskar Pelangi. I was (still am) hooked that I followed the 3 sequels later. These are my most loved books.. Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Edensor and Maryamah Karpov. He makes you cry, he makes you laugh, he makes you wonder, he makes you inspire. Go read those, worth the time.

The four books are mostly based on his own personal life experience.
I wonder if he'll be as good writing fiction solely based on imagination

'not yet read' collections


Ummu Auni Afif said...

dah email nak pinjam buku mana

ummi said...

aini, okie dokie. akak dah jawab email

Julie said...

kak tie, kat sini saya kumpul buku2 cooking from carboot. 50pence for the hardcover one. last carboot, 1 got 3 for 50pence. hehe. buku2 citer pon banyak.

ummi said...

julie ~ makan hati tawww... 50p jek?

Mynie said...

salam kak,
bloghopping from aini's blog.
i'm absolutely droooooooling tengok buku-buku akak :)
esp audrey niffeneger's new book 'her fearful symmetry' tu sbb saya mmg suka sgt her first book 'the time traveller's wife' tu

ummi said...

mynie ~ waalaikumsalam. im a late bloomer where reading is concerned sebenarnya :P. but never too late to start kan. owhh... buku itu... akak jugak sangat suka.. best, they way he went back and forth whilst the wife stayed at 'current' kan. ada movie kan? nak tengokk...

Mynie said...

better late than never :)
just nak share my thoughts on buku time traveller's wife tu:

also, kat mana akak beli buku resipi betty saw tu ye? bila saya tanya kawan cina buku siapa elok beli utk belajar resipi masakan cina dia suggest betty saw, tapi bila gi kedai buku cari tak jumpa. mphonline pun habis.. thanks.

ummi said...

mynie ~ thanks. akak link kat blog akak yer. that book akak beli kat MPH MV. beli kat kedai. u can also try borders.

Unknown said...

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