Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Gadget - What's Worth, What's Not

This is a tag I'm doing for IRA. She's a breastfeeding mom as well as a practitioner in baby wearing, none of which I am a master in. We never met tete-a la-tete but we always do, virtually.

Anyway, worthy or not a buying of baby gadget really depends on an individual. It depends on the frequency of usage and durability etc. Before acik start merepek tak tentu pasal, let's share mine.

What's worth: -
1. Baby monitor
I bought a TOMY from Mothercare when Iman was small. He was a restless baby, cried unnecessarily, a light sleeper etc. In short, he was one grumpy baby. We had no Bibik back then so the best way for me to do my chores when he was elsewhere (like sleeping in buaian or playing by himself) was resorting to a baby monitor. Senang acik nak sidai kain without having to wonder if he was awake or not or whether he was crying. But the worthness lessen with Adam. Adam, relatively easy to care. He's more relaxed and calm. The we took in a Bibik Ros and TOMY lost its appeal even more. Since then, TOMY was sold to my friend Zarid.

2. Baby food/milk warmer
If you believe in breastfeeding and homemade babyfood, this, is a must-have. It helps a lot in warming up frozen/cooled expressed breastmilk and once your baby is on solid, and you do batch-cooking, it helps you to warm up baby food. I bought AVENT IQ. Why IQ? Because the usual one was not available at that time. Tu aje. But this one had advanced functionality whereby you can set the temperature depending on what item i.e food or milk, and its related quantity. I am selling this. If interested contact me via 013 3403108. Only SMS will be entertained yerrr.

3. Breastpump
I owned a manual AVENT ISIS when I was breastfeeding Iman and later when I have Adam, I upgraded to electric-operated Medela. Not one, but two. I had a SWING and a PISA. These, I have sold recently. Between SWING and PISA, if cost is not an issue, go for PISA. It's a dual pumping with 2-phase expression, closely mimicking baby sucking.

Last but not least...

4. Buaian!
I know, I know. People debate over this endlessly. This, really depends. On you, your baby and your lifestyle. I've been using buaian since my first baby, Kakak. She was also a light sleeper. Would woke up to the sound of kami makan keropok. Seriously, she did. La ni, dah besar, kalau dah tido, digolek-golek pun dia tak bangun! Same with Iman. Dengan dia ni, tragedi sikitlah. Sampai naik kereta balik kampung pun, he expected ada buaian dalam kereta. Adoiyaaii. Believe it or not, terpaksa saya hayun dia dengan tangan sepanjang dari KL ke Kuala Terengganu. 6 jam u olsss! Dari dia melalak, baik le umminya aje yang menangis (dalam hati).

What's Not:-
1. Bouncer
None of them liked it. Iman guna for 5-6 months, Adam pulak tak suka. Given away already.

2. Cap
None of them liked baby cap atau topi. Asal letak atas kepala aje, mulalah nak melalak. So I put kain lampin untuk tutup kepala diorang. Loosely. Bila dah pandai control tangan, semua pakai capai buang jauh-jauh. So, no cap.

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