Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First 3 Itti&Otto's

T.E.R.J.E.B.A.K. jua!

Originally saya plan nak pegi lunch time semalam to this. Tapi partner-in-crime ada urusan ofis jadi kensel. Kendiannya me and my partner-in-crime nak tag along another ofismet tapi member tu balik jam 5.00pm, half hour earlier that my clock-out time and an hour earlier than my partnet-in-crime's. Takkan nak bagitau 'bos, saya nak balik awal sikit sebab nak pegi sale Robinson' So we called it off that day.

Next day masing-masing plan nak ambik half day off and well,.. go for our retail-therapy. My partner-in-crime has got to come back after lunch for urgent matters, while I, En Tebby was coming along. Me and my partner-in-crime, did go, but separately. We updated each other on things we bought nevertheless ha ha.

You all tau lah kan how shopping is when your husband is around. Especially when suami bukan jenis kuat shopping. I told Tebby I wanted some shoes so I went back with just shoes. Tapi... tapi... bukan satu... tapi tiga pasang. I had him sat nicely on the comfy stool while I browse around. Semua Itti & Otto.

I bought a pair of pumps. The very the shiny okay. Buleh cermin muka. I fell in love at first sight with these. Acik sukerrrr sangat. En Tebby pun setuju, angguk-angguk sambil senyum-senyum.

Another pair ni, let's call it 'cik kusam', which Tebby angguk-angguk tapi muka kerut-kerut when I told him I want those in brown. Kusam katanya (hence the name). But black is too 'me'. Brown then. Ni kasut restu tanpa rela lah kiranya.

Last but not least, another pair of flats. Dull, blue-green. You can call them 'cik rimbun' coz when I first showed them to Tebby, his immediate remark was 'eh, rimbunnya'. I took them nevertheless. Ni kasut restu tanpa rela version 2.

'cik kusam' ada dalam kotak tu.. maklum le,.. kusam.. malu nak tengok donia ha ha. acik merepek okay.

Yes people, I can, go overboard at times..


Anonymous said...

ko kalau bab shopping mmg no. 1 lah..


ummi said...

mek ~ nak jadi no 2? he he