Saturday, October 31, 2009

Provision For Healthy Appetite

We replenish our provision for grocery on weekly basis expect for certain items that are highly perishable.
  • We do not buy that regular size loaf of bread anymore, it's jumbo nowadays. And it's at least 2 a week.
  • We do not buy eggs that come in 10's. It's 30 these days and it doesn't last a week.
  • We buy at least 5 cartons of low-fat milk. At times, I skip a day or two from putting another after the last one is finished.
  • We buy condensed milk in jumbo can.
  • We buy Milo in its biggest can.
  • We need drummet, nugget and giant sausage stock up in the fridge every week.
  • We buy 5kg of rice each week.
Healthy appetite, aren't we?

This is really a low key version of shopping.
Kalau yang major, full to the brim.
Ironhide is Iman's. He has endless appetite for Transformers.

Trick or treaaattt!!

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