Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back To Office Prep

Today is my the last day of my MC. Sepatutnya today ada appointment dengan Dr Ashar for follow-up check-up after my ERPOC but he's not around. So I had it resheduled on 8th August 2009 - Saturday. Tomorrow should be my first day of working back after all these. I applied for leave tho. Tolak cuti on Khamis dengan Jumaat, cukuplah lagi belen 15 hari sampai hujung tahun kot.

I have started being lenient with myself where eating is concerned. I've taken a bit of seafood and egg (which, a big NO-NO according to my mom's law of confinement). I'm still on jamu, pati ikan haruan, LD Venus. I add lotsa garlic and ginger in my cooking. And I still don't have the guts to indulge in cold/icy drinks/food. I'll wait for another month or two la kot. I've dried up a week or so after the procedure and gained back my energy (and life) 2 weeks after. Pantang 100 hari? Hmmmm....

At times I just couldn't help wondering what's the injury like inside there. For those who are wondering, secara luarannya, takde apa-apa luka pun down there.


Since my office, at times, can be freezing cold, as a preventive measures, I bought these. Pairs of socks from sox world. There, buying socks can be such a difficult things to do. Banyak sangat pesen, lotsa colors to choose from. I ended up buying the normal socks as well the ones with toes. I was tempted to indugle on those colorful, patterned ones but I'm quite sure I'll draw attention in a weird way.

And totally unrelated to pertaining to joining back the workforce on 10th August 2009, I bought hairclips. Rambut makcik dah cukup panjang untuk di-twist and di-turn kan. Dulu2 makcik ikat rambut dengan getah sayur aje ye anak-anak...

By the way.

Tebby is on leave today. We went out and had lunch at Restoren Cina Muslim @Tmn Seri Minang, Cheras. Mula-mulanya tawaf kat Cheras Leisure Mall mencari Din's Cafe. The area is under renovation so we changed venue. We both had Nasi Goreng sepinggan sorang (they came in generous portion, tak larat makcik ngabihkannya). We had Lemon Chicken and Kailan Special in the middle.

Lemon Chicken ini biasa-biasa saja rasanya. Mula-mula not available sebab lemon takde. Dek sebabkan tekak saya ni teringin sangat makan Lemon Chicken plus, saya nampak ada pasar mini kat depan kedai ni, saya pun mengusulkan supaya cuba pi tengok-tengok kot-kot ada lemon jual kat situ. Ada ponnnn...

Kailan Special ni superb. At least to my tekak lah. Hiris halus and deep fried. Set with fried small anchovies on top. The only drawback is that, kuah nan sedikit kat bawah nun masin amat. Di bawah rimbunan dedaun kailan ni ada tersorok dahan-dahan dan batang-batangnya.

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