Friday, August 21, 2009

Tebby's Back!

empek-empek. cam fishball.

how to prepare

Tebby's back. From Palembang, Sumatera that is. He was supposed to go to Italy initially. Then it was changed to Vietnam (I think). Last-last, he landed in Palembang. I was drooling for lavishly embroided telekung or kain baju yang bersulam-sulaman from Indonesia. But it's a known fact that men and shopping just don't rhyme together. He's back with 4 headscarfs nonetheless and a box of 'pempek', Palembang's famous tradistional dish. Bibik Ros has told us about this but by the name of 'empek-empek'. But both refer to the same thing. As always, he brought along tell-tale about what he ate there. Even ask me to find the recipe of gulai sumatera. Kinda yellow and berlemak. The one I found so far kuahnya merah. Lain kali bawak permaisuri you ni. Senang I nak judge the taste. (He was staying in a Sultan Suite in one of the hotels there).

As for the 'empek-empek', it's still residing in our lemari es. Belum jumpa waktu sesuai nak makan.

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