Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do Not Disturb, Kakak is Fasting

Last Ramadhan, it was 50% forcing and 50% coaxing. This time around, since she's already 8 and from way we see it, it'll not be a suprise if she gets he P in a year or two time, the ratio is changed to 65%:35%.

To ease things up, I had to scratch her itching leg until she said stop. I had to listen to her story telling (which is endless) with, at times mocked interest. For iftar, she specifically ordered a pasta meal, with kuah yang putih, she said. We had to console her for 2 or 3 times that she cried from hunger and thirst.

So, she got a day already. Yeayyy. She got to tick her 'fasting calendar' and a plate of pasta and I got to part with RM10..

Our menu for 1st Ramadhan 1430h..
1) Daging Goreng Berkacang - easy peasy recipe here.
2) Ayam Goreng Pedas - easy peasy recipe here.
3) Ikan Pelaling Goreng
4) Ulam timun & kacang botol
5) Budu
6) Air Teh-O Panas dan Sirap Cincau
7) Bowtie in Mushroom Sauce - easy peasy recipe here.

Eaten with nasi putih and some kurma. All were homemade. Tebby went to PARAM and came back with 2 Burger Malaysia. They tasted 70% like McD's Prosperity.


CT said...

tahniah kakak....keep it up..:)
mmg susah kan kak ti nak pujuk bebudak puasa...especially kalau byk sgt godaan mknn feveret diorang ni..

ummi said...

CT ~ thanks. nasib baik Iman automatik pulak, bulan puasa ni dia makan sikit je. so less godaan