Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Adam

Cepatnya masa berlalu. Adam turns 1 today!
(lihat atas, dia juga sudah upgrade susunya dari 0-12 bulan kepada 1 tahun dan ke atas)

Sebelum menyedari kewujudan Adam, we always thought we were not ready for more babies. Nevertheless when the UPT was +ve, we were overwhelmed with joy. Read here. Allah tested us the first time when we did not see him during check-up. We panicked. We thought we were not ready for another baby and yet when something was amiss, we were devastated. Read how worried we were here and how relieved we were when Dr Ashar confirmed Adam was there, here.

Adam was my gravida 3. Being pregnant with him was not a smooth one. I had morning sickness for 4 months straight. I lost few kg. I hated plain water. The smell of furniture made me vomit. It was fasting month that the first few weeks took place. Even when I fast during the day, nothing really entice me into eating. Nak raya pun takde mood. You can read here, here, here, here and here. Actually there's more on this, but lets not go there. Click on label 'gravida 3' for more telltale. Morning sickness was my 2nd test and I had UTI, for the 3rd one. Read here, how bad it was, I could barely stand!

Long story short, in 5th month, I was recovering. Appetite, health as well as mood for shopping. And weight. I has a series of shopping spree. Most of the things during Iman and Kakak were given away so I had very good excuse to shop. Read and photos here.

Tebby was the one who decided the baby's name was going to be Muhammad Adam. We were toying with, among others, Muhammad Soleh, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Yusof. Adam means 'example'. May he be one to others, insyaAllah.

Adam, was born at 3.22am, 11th May 2008. We celebrated Mother's Day that day but he took the limelight he he. He was a big round 3.74kg baby boy. Have a peek here, on his first photo session. Nevertheless, his blood circulation was bad, heartbeat was low and he was all pale and white. He ended up in NICU. Read my entry on June 1, 2009 for full story. We only went back home after the 6th day.

There's so much to tell but there's a better way doing it. Pse search under label 'Adam' for more stories. And loads of photos of Adam during his 1st year.

So, today we brought 3 big boxes of cupcakes ordered from Yati. Adam celebrate dengan kawan-kawan di taska okay. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY Adam Sayang.

Btw, lain orang sambut birthday, lain orang dapat barang. Apakah? Tungguuuu.....


kaezrin said...

ishhh happy birthday adam...barang apa tuh,.cepat nk sneak a apeek...

cikwawi said...

happy birthday Adam!

semoga sentiasa ceria, comel dan menggembirakan ibubapa... :-)

Tyha said...

Hp bday...ADAM.

ummi said...

elin ~ tunggu... nanti makcik updet.

wawi ~ benar, dia sangat menggembirakan kami walopun dia ni garang dan kdg2 suka mengetuk kepala umminya dengan apa jua bentuk barang

tyha ~ tenkiu.