Thursday, May 07, 2009

Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs Are Back!!

3 weeks back, Kakak told us about an exhibition of dinosour-something in MidValley. We were like, well, hemmm, she was hinting us to go. Dia memang minat sangatlah haiwan-haiwan prehistoric ni. The next day she came back with a form. Her school was organising a trip to the exhibition. So, it would be RM25.00 per student for the entrance fee, bus fare and whatnots.

I ding-dong-ed with the idea. Even when I haven't decided whether or not she could go, I told her repeated to stay in group, do not wander away. If she gets lost then scream her lungs out. Thing like that. Ya kawan-kawan, I am pathethic as well as paranoid.

We were thinking it would be nice if Iman could come along. To let him expose to things he's not fimiliar with. Sudahnya, we organised our little family trip to MidValley last weekend.

So, let me do my tale-telling using photo (photo-tale, huh?)

Kami sampai MidValley around 10.00am something. Since I had light breakfast, I decided that everyone should stop and get something like fries or nuggets. Kakak was devastated. I was pretty much delaying her encounter with dinosours. It turned out that it was still time for McD Breakfast. A muffin burger with hash brown then. The girl, who was so angry with me, ate the whole muffin burger herself! The rest of us fed on 2 tiny hash browns.

Tickets were RM12 for adult and RM8 for children. Children under 4 admit for free. Kakak was excited. Iman pun,... until we went in. He went beserk and frightened like h***. Last-last abahnya kena dukung. He's 5 and he weights 20kg ye kawan-kawan. (I mean Iman). We made many rounds (We paid like berpuluh-puluh ringgit and the place was small ye kawan-kawan. So round banyak kali sikit he he)

The exhibition was divided into 2, prehistoric animals and backyard monsters. Yang backyard monsters tu actually things like ants, praying mantis, spider. Cuma the exhibits were resized into gigantic models. There was this spider model which was connected to somekind of toggle. You can actually push and pull the toggle, back and forth, left to right. But, whichever direction we took, it just went up and down, up and down.

They have this simulation model of kaki belalang, kepak rama-rama and a few other things. My kids memang suka sangat mengerjakan benda-benda gini. They also have exhibits of beautiful butterflies. They also show lifecycle of butterfly, from the larvae stage, sampai jadi ulat and finally butterfly. Kakak has learnt that in school so, imagine how excited she was to see that behind glass.

Now, the dinosour part. There were about 6-7 exhibits (excluding the eggs and baby dino). Only one aquatic animal, the rest seme hak duduk atas darat. Seme tu seemed fimiliar but there was one that reminded me of ultraman sedang fire raksasa.

Finally, after almost an hour, we came out from the hall. Not satisfied yet, the kids heret me to 'Pets Wonderland', just opposite MVEC. Kakak begged for fish-pet. Not yet I said. Iman urged me to the dog section, so we went. Kakak saw Prairie Dog. Dia sangatlah gembira sebab sebelum ni dia ada baca dalam buku, so bila jumpa face-to-face gitu,.. cam ultimate experience lah. Iman said, those were not dogs, those were mouse. Then they fought over dog or mouse. Both were right. Prairie Dog is the name and they came from the rodent family.

So, where's Tebby and Adam in our Pets Wonderland encounter? We suspect Adam is allergic to some kind of animals. We went to zoo twice and both times, he got sakit mata. Bertaik-taik dan merah-merah. So no more zoo or Pets Wonderland and things as such. He went with En Tebby membeli komik at the other side of MidValley. I was left with chasing Iman around (He somehow dapat balik kadar keaktifan lama dia tu. He has toned down a bit these few months but lately he got all excited and back to running and jumping around)

No photos at Pets Wonderland. No cameras allowed ye.

After Pets Wonderland, we splitted way again. Me and Iman went to Toy'R'Us(Yep people, I always end up with Iman, I am his ultimate idol at the moment), Tebby took Kakak and Adam along with him to MPH. Kakak got herself some pencils, glue, scissors and notebooks. Iman got me to pay for his Star Scream transformer. I got Kakak a rabbit from My Littlest Pet Shop and a small Tonka car for Adam.

Next destination - makannnn!! The nearest was Madam Kwan. So we went. Iman has got something for him to be occupied doing. That time, he managed to do Star Scream from robot-mode to jet-mode and vice versa. He proudly told me 'Iman buat'. Owww.... Adam, nowadays has been giving us hard times dining out. He climbed out of the baby chair. Refused toys and all. Sejak-sejak pandai berjalan ni kan, apa kelas duduk aje kan. So, back to our normal routine sebelum ni, we took turn to eat. We took turn bringing Adam outside to play in front of Toys'R'Us where they put many Little Tikes toys to climb on, slide on, swing and what nots. Adam teramatlah gembira sampaikan Ummi rasa nak beli benda tu seketul! Seeing him toddling, bobbling away as he went, a lady 'tegur' us. How old is she, can walk already? Aiyork, this is a he, not she.

Nevertheless we went back satisfied.



tis is really kewwwlll!

Tyha said...

rasa kalo bawak najmi ngan naufal pon meraung...derang ni penakut +geli.

y@tipruzz said...

idlan pon penakut...confirm cuak tgk dinasour bagai tuh :p

CT said...

wohooo mmg pernah terpk nak bawak the two lil girl pegi exhibition tu..tapi bila pk2...mesti bebudak ni x enjoy sbb takut..sedangkan ngn blurhyppo pun diorang takut...inikan pulak dinasours n monsters the idea was mcm x berbaloi jek pigi sbb tiket mahal...hehehehe

ummi said...

little dewa ~ you should see Iman masa mula2 tu.. melolong sakan!

tyha ~ kalau tak sebab tiket berbayar, harus Iman tak jadi masuk rasanya

yati ~ Iman lama2 tu ok pulak, siap fire lagi dinosor seme

ct ~ akak pulak, si Kakak memang big fan of prehistoric animal. dia siap round 2-3 kali.. ala2 archelogist je

ummi said...