Sunday, May 03, 2009

We had a good weekend. Not only there's an added one day but we managed to utilise the 3 days with activities.

We did not go out on Friday since Tebby is always uncomfortable for outing or travelling on Friday because of Friday prayers. I know we should not make the situation difficult but that's his stand, so layan. Tapi pagi-pagi lagi he went to do marketing Pasar Sungei Besi. Pegi mereket, as oldfolks say. I just gave him the list of things I need. Based on his menu anyway. I whipped up Masak Lemak Ketam or rather Masak Lemak Seafood because I added some 'lala' into it. I actually prepared all the basics. Then I went sidai kain and ask Tebby to wait it up so the santan 'tak pecah'. I don't know what he has done but when I'm done with the laundry, siap lah masak lemak ketam yang sangat lazat. Iman mengerjakan 'lala'. Siput, he said. Adam dok tergantung tepi meja mintak sikit. A big no no. Not only he's not 1 yet, he's also allergy to many things.

Saturday is the day Kakak was waiting for. There's an exhibition 'Dinosour & Backyard Monster' in MidValley. We came a little later than 10a.m, singgah McD kejap for snacks (tho we've had breakfast at home sebenarnya!). It turned out that there was not so many dinosour pun. Iman had a scare of his life. After 20 minutes or so, barulah dia okay and got the interest to look around. Kakak went 2 or 3 rounds.

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