Friday, July 20, 2012

My Favourite Concubine @Hammam Bangsar

Took a day off. It was very-very short notice, thanks boss sebab approve :D Plan nak pegi Tanamera Sooka Sentral(read my first time going there here) but they were fully booked at the time slot I wanted. Yang ada pukul 2.00ptg. I had planned to take one of their packages that takes about 3 hours. Kalau start pukul 1.00ptg, haruslah siap pukul 5.00ptg kan. 

Then I called up Hammam Bangsar. (I first went there last year, read here)They started at 10.00am but also fully booked at 10.00am time slot. The earliest they have is 11.00am. Kalau 11.00am haruslah siap pukul 2.00pm gitu kan. I have a lunch date pulak pukul 1.00tengahari tu. Last-last they let me come at 9.00am hihi. Finish at 11.00am. Then 12.30 I can go makan-makan already.

For the past few days, jalan Pantai Dalam heading towards Bangsar memang jam. Since my appointment is at 9.00am, I decided to keluar macam biasa. Macam time pegi office. Sent the kids ke taska. Then baru perasan I left my handbag at home! Dah kena pusing balik. Last-last makan roti canai kat kedai depan rumah ni ha. Asalnya nak makan somewhere kat Bangsar but alas, I changed my mind. Didn't wanna sampai spa dengan perut kenyang amat. It took me around half hour sampai Bangsar so roti canai pun dah digest. In fact, I was hungry again dah masa tu!

Sampai kat Bangsar Village, it was around 8.30am.Gelap still. Tapi Village Grocer dah bukak.After the spa session and lunch-date with frens, I decided to buy some frozen food there.  

Numero uno. First customer. Diorang tengah vacuum kedai lagi time tu hihi. I was given a locker to keep my things. The key is with me all the time. Tagged on a bracelet and boleh kena air.

Pintu changing room. I like. Very classical.
I bought Geranium shampoo for the smell of it. They use this in the spa. Somehow bila pakai kat rumah my hair tak jadi as soft as kalau kat spa. I need to find a conditioner to help me with that kot.

I took 'My Favourite Concubine Hammam' which took 2 hours to finish. Hammam and Gommage - best. Moorish Body Polish - best. Mandi first then lumur this black thingy all over. Marinated for 15 minutes. Then bilas. Then did that body polish. After body polish, did body mask (which was very minty and eucalyptus-y smelling). Marinated again for 10 minutes. Pastu cuci and condition rambut.

Yang tak bestnya was the massage. I wanted a massage yang macam urut orang bersalin but I got a very-very relaxing massage that I almost doze off! At one time when she did a back massage, rasa macam kucing je berjalan atas belakang. Serious tak tipu.

Oh ya. If ambik package 6 times, akan dapat harga lagi murah. Ala.. you know the drill la kan. Contohnya kalau the package I took tu, it costs RM315. It is RM250 kalau beli 6 sessions sekaligus. Alaaa.. you know the drill. Biasa la cam tu kan. I was tempted tapi belum decide yet sebab was still quite frustrated the Ms. Masseur yang tak best tu.

But that didn't dampen my spirit nak makan-makan with some close friends. Lunch at Madam Kwan Bangsar with full fledged gossiping time. Ala gossip pasal anak-anak, bulan puasa, menu etc. I had Lamb Chop with loads of vege and selambak fries.

Overall, I had a great Friday and ready to welcome and embrace Ramadhan. Singgah jap kat Village Grocer before making my move. They had varieties of frozen food yang sangat menggiurkan. That I shall share from time to time. I bought sausages, burger patties, mini murtabak and few other things.

Back to the spa thingy. For scrub and whatnots, I prefer Hammam. For massage, I like Tanamera. Maybe I should go alternately between these two.


KakNi (CikNi Ahnie) said...

Tak tau kenapa, byk gmbr dr post ni x appear kat my netbook screen nih... tapi gambar makanan yang last sekali tu ada... hahahah i loike! Nmpk menyelerakan betul.

ummi said...

KakNi ~ gamba food aje kelihatan? apakah? snap guna kamera yang sama, edit dgn software yang sama tu..