Friday, July 20, 2012

Sausages & Marina Beef Burger

If one of us is one leave, the one who works would sms-ed 'I nak balik sekarang'. The other one would normally replied 'K. Nak makan apa dinner?'
Today was his turn to inform he was coming home and I was the one who asked 'Dinner nak makan apa?' Rather than letting it left open-ended, I added up 'Burger or sausage?' He replied 'Burger'. We rarely have heavy dinner with full-fledged menu. Simple ones like fried rice, sandwiches or soup will do.

Time to test the patties I bought. Marina Beef Burger, Salisbury Steak. Tak taulah apsal nama panjang sangat tapi ianya adalah sedap. Besar dan lebar! There it was, on my skillet. No need letak minyak because fats were oozing outside from it! :D

Inilah rupanya comparing with my hand. Besar dan lebar kan. Bila dah masak, it kecut a bit. Just nice to fit on roti gardenia tu. I'll definately buy this again. Other than pan-frying it, boleh juga masuk dalam oven.

Anyway, I also cooked these too. Asalnya saja nak tunjuk to Tebby things I bought. Tetiba dia terliur pulak so these, also cooked. He said a tad bit too masin but I think it was fine aje kalau makan dengan roti. The price go by weight and type. This one is RM13.74 for 5.

Other varieties. Lain jenis, lain harga. I took the cheapest one :D Ada yang sampai almost RM20 for 5 sausages. My verdict? Sedap. Very meaty. Boleh rasa ketul-ketul daging. And of course lah ada jugak lelemak tu kan but not much la.

This is based on my personal preference la. Kalau u ols beli and don't find them sedap, jangan marah ai pulak..


Smiley said...

mahal gak harga sosej tuh

ummi said...

Farrah ~ mahal tp sedap. ada yang dkt 20 ringgit you..