Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids - You Made My Day! A 'Pilaya for Iman' & A Book for Kakak

Tebby is not around since Monday. Wehenever he's not, I'll clock out right on time. Dengan harapan boleh sampai rumah cepat dari kebiasaan. Furthermore I was fasting semalam. Plus I needed to make 2 stop, beli pizza and spaghetti for the kids and roast chicken for me to buka puasa. Then I needed to singgah kat Sutera Dobi to pick up my laundry (sent for ironing). Nevertheless, traffic was not kind yesterday. The normal equation here in KL. Hujan = jalan jem. Hujan lebat = jalan extra jam. Hadap je la kan. 

Back to my errand yesterday. I finally reached taska at 7.05pm. Memula nampak Iman emerging dari taska. Hands at the back. Muka berseri-seri. Saya dapat 'pilaya' Ummi, untuk food race. I remember weeks back he told us dia ada main games waktu subject sains. Ran and picked up food from a box then dropped it in another box according to category - untuk kesihatan, untuk tumbesaran or untuk tenaga. His team won first place. That's my boy. It really made my day. Hilang sengal kaki dok accelerate, brake. Accelerate, brake. Brake. Brake. Brake. Accelerate. 

It didn't stop there. 

Kakak pulak proudly informed us she won 1st prize for 'Mind You Grammar'. She got a story book for that. Syukur. They maynot be the best-est in class. But what and who they were to what and who they are now, I'd say tremendous improvement. It is true that we do not have rows and rows of medal at home. But still.. I was lecturing on the importance of learning things formally at school and things that we learn to keep life going such as washing dishes, tidying up bed, 5 compulsory prayers a day and whatnots but the kids were busy 'kita makan apa malam ni?' Oh well! 

When Tebby called up last night, they excitedly told him about the prizes. Adam was a bit down, perhaps because he hasn't got any medals yet so far. Back hunched, face down. Sulk. Takpe Dik. Sabar okay. Tapi homework tu jangan malas-malas buat yerr... 

Just before bed, Iman bisik kat telinga ai 'Ummi happy tak saya menang 'pilaya'?' It's piala Bang. Not pilaya. But anyway of course I am happy. Having the 3 of you pun dah cukup menggembirakan Ummi. Whenever you all excel in anything, it's a bonus. Not winning anything will not make me love you all any lesser. That's what a mom always does. Loving her children unconditionally.

'Pilaya' Iman and storybook for Kakak.
Syukur Ya Allah.


KakNi (CikNi Ahnie) said...

Lor... saya suspen gak apa ke bende tu pilaya... aishh... tahniah ye adik iman and kakak.

ummi said...

KakNi ~ he he. memula masa dia nk bgtau abah, dia dok rehearse piala piala piala. tp bila ckp dgn abah, terus je 'abah, saya dapat pilaya'.. tp okaylah. he's getting it. for someone yang baru nak masuk 3 tahun bercakap kan :D

Smiley said...

alhamdulillah..tahniah..saya plak rasa tersentuh prasaan eheh

yatiscloset said...

i can feel the happiness as well!!

firas sebut piala as 'pihala' hihi

ummi said...

Farrah ~ :)

Yati ~ siap suruh beli kain lap.. nanti nak kilatkan pilaya katanya hihi