Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Advanced Night Repair
Synchronized Recovery Complex
Repairs past visible damage
Helps protect skin's future
The one formula beautiful skin can't live without. See a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging. Inspired by DNA research.

To tell the truth, despite my seasonal craziness for skincare, health supplement and whatnots, I am a 38-yo mother of 3 that looks like a 38-yo mother of 3. If you expect to see a head-turner - NO. I have numerous skin conditions. Uneven skin tone, wrinkles, occasional zits etc. Sometimes it confuses me as to what range of skincare I should give a try :D And I haven't started anywhere else other than my face ha ha.

I do my homework. Read reviews. Search for fair testimony. I stay away from those blogs that promote from one thing to another. Maybe they are paid to do that, I don't know but personally, I have lost faith in them when it comes to giving testimony. I was almost sold recently when I read about one person's experience using a XXX sunscreen. The next day, loads of people in blogsphere write about XXX sunscreen as well. Oh well! Kenot trust.

Anyway, I got this Advanced Night Repair (ANR) F.O.C. Free.Of.Charge. I went to recent (well, not so recent actually) Secretary Week @KL Tower. I am not a secretary btw. My office bought a table so why let it not filled up kan? Tebby went as well but with his secretary. So I can intai-intai. Good.

The goody bag? Dalam banyak-banyak benda, I treasured this one the most (tho I took sometime to actually try it). Last week I routinely dabbed this on my face and did that circular motion and whatnots. Guess what? My pores mengecik u ols! Suka hati ai. Walaupun pores mengecik tak masuk list khasiat ANR ni hihi. Easily absorbed. As the name goes, use nightly. Now my FTE lambat sikit susut sebab guna just one a day instead of twice sebelum ni. Facial skin feels soft and my pipi less sagging. Should dab some on my chin as well kot :D :D So I can get back my single chin :D I am putting this in my skincare wish-list. Meantime, kumpul $$$$ dulu.

Yang, don't forget to hand me your goody bag. I am quite sure you got this one as well.


puterikiut said...
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puterikiut said...

kak ti, aduh terdelete lak comment.. nieta pakai sejak 2 thn lps.. tapi tak pandai nak review..

KakNi (CikNi Ahnie) said...

Ummi, saya pun teringin gak lah nak cerita pasal skin care ni hahahah... tapi review ummi ni membuatkan saya kepingin pulok... Dah lama dah mencari skin care yang boleh kecik kan pores... dah try pun byk tapi tak kecik pun pores... hehehehe

ummi said...

nita ~ bottomline - does it work for you? akak pakai so far so good. bau pun sedap.

ummi said...

KakNi ~ actually EL ada hak cam ni specifically for pores. Open pores muka senang minyak2 kan. tapi saya oso pakai SKII. i am happy with both. esp EL la sebab dapat free hihi. yang SKII tu saya beli yang botol kecik2 dulu (sampel size kot). nampak ok ngan my skin baru berani beli botol besar..