Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Life Goes On (version II)

It's been a little more than a year already! How time really flies! But it flew faster when I was on longggg leave :D I guess it always happen when you're having fun. Thinking back, I remember friends were commenting on sacrifices us mothers do when it comes to our children. In my case (in that very particular case I must say), it was not really a sacrifice pun. I had fun! Alhamdulillah Allah bestowed me a chance of taking care and manage my family and household on my own. Perhaps it was Tebby who made the big sacrifice. For a good whole year, he was a solo bread-winner for us all.

 If you asked, syukur, all went well. Of course any path we take will present us with different challenges and whatnots. If you asked again, yes, I prefer being a TSAHM. But... I want to get my pay as well. But... I can't afford to have them all. Know what they say,.. too many of good things, can actually be bad. True? No? I do not know for sure. But whatever it is on my plate, I shall savour, chew and eat. Because that's the rezeki Allah has bestowed upon me. Because either way, insyaAllah we're doing good.

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