Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hammam Bangsar

Went there 09122011. Courtesy of Tebby. Thanks Yang.

Took My Favourite Concubine package (with a litle twist and a bit cheaper btw). I got someone to bathe me, scrub my dead skin cells off, washed my hair and finally a malay-style massage (the after effect of massage adalah sangat best, as if all knotted veins and muscles let loose).

I was smelling like roses for days after that.

Website here www.hammambaths.com


nurminah said...

kak Tie,

Camne nk dapat harga murah 'sikit'?

ummi said...

blink ur eyes repeatedly! no lah. there was another package (not in the web), similar to that concubine thingy. with additional body detox 'marinade'. for massage, can't choose type of oil. just rose scented. which explains why I was smelling like roses :D it was RM268. the original package is RM315 kan.

nurminah said...

sy ngan kawan2 siap main kutu nak gi hammam..maklumer limited budget..dh amik cuti sehari minggu depan..tak sabo nk gi..kena book dulu ke?

Unknown said...

a ah kena book dulu. first slot is at 10.00 am. last 7.15pm rasanya because they close at 9.00pm kalau tak silap. have fun ya.