Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dressed Me Down Days

When I first started working wayyy back in 1997 (has it been THAT long? really?), we had 6 working days in a week. Years later we worked every alternate Saturday in a month. Then it was just 5 working days in a week. Fewer days but longer office hours. I heart that. Because 6 working days means 12 traffic jams, 5 working days is 10 traffic jams. Here in KL, traffic jams can be very-very mean.

Last few years the company introduced Casual Friday. Dressed Down Friday or whatever the name is. Apparently we take it overboard, the mood spills to Monday and Tuesday. And Wednesday. Thursday is no exception :D

I rarely see people is suits these days. If there is, those are consultants. Or people of higher rank going for meetings with the company's VVIPs.

80% to 90% of the time I am usually in baju kurung. When I am not, I no longer wear those pin-stripe shirts, crisp pants or my long formal skirt.

Example of me today.

Mustard cotton tunic(eh siap ada bulu bulu kain tak trim tu ha.. hihi) that was bought online ('online-shopping' is my middle name currently). Very light brown cotton pants that was bought during one of those bazaar days in Menara T*. Pair of Everbest flats courtesy of Tebby. And very-very colorful and rugged looking cotton-leather-suede Fossil Isla, also courtesy of Tebby.

Life's good!


pB said...

Tadi pagi ada taklimat kat Menara. Teringin nak jumpa Umie , tapi tak tau cam ner nak contact

pB masuk kerja 1993

Unknown said...

PB ~ tadi pagi kita gigih turun tangga dari tkt 20 pasal ada fire drill.. taklimat kat mph tu ke?


pB said...

a ah ....
masa firedrill tu , pB masih ada lagi kat situ...
kereta tak leh nak bawak keluar ...

hu hu hu