Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Chosen Ones

Ingat entry saya yang ini? Well, the same boy now, is such a chatterbox. Dah tak sepi lagi dah! Syukur alhamdulillah.

I remember his ST once told me, if you can find the key to unlock, I'm sure he'll talk. Kunci itu tak siapa yang tahu di mana. As a mother you know best. He left me perplexed, clueless. He's (Iman, not his ST, you silly!) talking now, night and day but if you ask me where's and what's the key, I just don't know! The closest I have (maybe), persistence, patience and passion.

For example malam tadi we brought him makan kat kedai. He ate and went to pee as well. Malam tu before bed, Tebby tanya if he has pee-d (this is his routine, sebelum tido bawak dia pegi toilet). He said 'Alaa abah ni.. kan tadi Iman dah ken**** dah. Kat kedai tadi tu' If I refused to do things he wanted, he'd said 'Ummi ni *naderr lah' *-->ngada

Like any other kids, I think semua budak akan melalui fasa suka ajuk orang cakap so he went like this, ajuk Umminya..
Tadi Iman makan apa? me asked
Tadi Iman makan apa? he said
Ummi tanya ni
Ummi tanya ni
Iman belajar tak?
Iman belajar tak?
Ummi baik!
Ummi baik!
Iman nakal!
Ummi nakal!

Other than that, he loves computer games. After being taught just a few times, he knows when to left-click and when to right-click the mouse. And knows that in absence of a mouse, he can always use the touch pad. Other thing he is interested in is KUMON activity books. I bought him coloring books (helped him a lot untuk kenal color, he knows the basic green, red, yellow and blue as well as black, brown, white, orange), folding books (simple origami I'd say). Problem is, he'd want to finish the whole book at one go. Fenat makcik melayan dia. In a way it helped boost his concentration.

I remember the other day I had him to trace 1 2 3. He flipped the book back and forth, again and again. He said, kat mana A? Mana A? A? Owh.. although he doesn't recognise (yet) all 26 alphabets, at least he knows some. Way to go Iman!

And alhamdulillah, when in public, dia dah boleh kontrol diri dia. He'd stay near with one of us. Tak macam dulu, berlari-lari ke sana sini without any care in the world.

Long and winding road it was for us. Still is. But alhamdulillah, we're chosen. My next mission is (1) to get him on the van en-route balik tadika and (2) to separate him with Kikkor, at least leaving that lembek, noseless, twice-sewn-back tail helpless little tiger at home when he goes anywhere.


shaza79 said...

good Iman.. kak tie, Iman masih belajar di centre tu ke?? Centre tu mmg bagus.. Dekat situlah Arif mula kenal ABC dan 123..

ummi said...

shaza ~ he hasn't started yet sebenarnya.. july session. aritu nak enroll weekend classes apr-june tp dah full. mintak2 berkesan...insyaAllah

makcikrehan said...

hoyehhh! iman akhirnya dah mula bercakap. haaa.. padan muka ummi dia penat nk melayan :-P

hanis said...

seronoknya dgr iman dah berceloteh..

Syukur alhamdulillah...

Berkat doa seorang ibu....
InsyaALLAH ALLAH makbulkan....

Yang penting never give up kan....

ummi said...

MR ~ hehh... bior penat layan anak bcakap dari melayan perasaan sendiri kenapa anak tak bercakap2 he he. makcik sukerr

ummi said...

hanis ~ alhamdulillah.. nak mula npk progressnya. Allah Forbids.. jangan sampai akak give up. dpt dengar cerita dia pun dah besar dah rahmat Allah bagi kat akak sekeluarga.

Farra said...

kak tie, kelas tu full jugak ek, wah dh byk progress iman..die semakin matang

ummi said...

farra ~ iya Farra. Apparently ramai gak budak2 ada problem cam Iman nih. Alhamdulillahh... syukur sgt ada progress. Walaupun kdg2 ummi aje faham apa dia cakap. Anak ummi lah katakannn