Monday, June 04, 2007

Tales of Things

We are supposed to be on leave today. But Tebby has a lunch date with our CEO. No kidding, the CEO himself. Before anyone raise eyebrow, it's not Tebby alone, he'll be with 20 others I think. And that would not be the only session. There's breakfast, lunch and even teh-tarik sessions. The ones with 1st class degree are called first and that's where my Tebby fits in the list. He was surprised himself as he got the scroll like 10 or 11 years ago. As for myself, I may not be even called at all he.. he.. But I don't mind receiving snacks to be frank.


The house is much quieter. Kakak is having fun with Atok and Wan in kampung. She has a list of 'to-do' already. Like today, she's going to have a hair cut. She's blessed with heavy, dead straight hair that I'd so much want to see she grows it long. But she's infested with head-lice that she gets from God-knows where. And tomorrow she's gonna be like a real kampung girl, following Atok and Wan to kebun and does the real 'gardening' there. I just hope she won't encounter pacat whatsoever or she'll scream her heart off and tells everyone about it for a long long long time. And God knows how many times I'll have to listen to her.

My dad underwent a minor tiny-miny eye surgery on Thursday last week. The liquid in his eyes has turned clowdy and he needs to have new lenses in his eyes. They just did a 1mm incision at the side of his eyes and did their business through there. I was well... errr.. tempted to correct my eyesight as well but it was like 4.7k per eyeball. Next week he'll be coming over to do the other eye.

My SIL is in Seoul now. A hard work worth the effort after-all. She and my brother joined ELKEN and since Day1 were really into the business. And she finally made it to Seoul. I joined well before them actually. But with small petty purchases just for myself, I am just where I was where MLM is concerned. Hey, at least I am a bit more energetic and fall sick rather not frequently. I hope she's going to have good times there.

Like always, some photos I took back in kampung.


mardhiah12 said...

eh, thought lunch for master? yg tu bila pula *scratch my head*

ummi said...

mardhiah12 ~ he has a lot of makan-makan to attend, I bet. last i heard, all ex-scholars will be called. just wait and see..

pB said...

dgn CEO ... ??
naik gaji lagi ker???

SIL Ummi tu pergi sama kapal dengan SIL Kak Lady la kalau gitu ....

MLM ni nak kena rajin dan nak kena kulit muka n cuping telinga tebal..

pB tak sanggup ...

aida said...

ex-scholars yang score kot?
tu yang tergaru kepala bila tau yati kena panggil, macam dah berzaman tinggalkan MMU baru dia nak appreciate budak-budak scorer ni

ummi said...

PB ~ makan2 aje, saje nak kenal2 kot. saya pon mmg tak sanggup MLM ni, muka tak cukup tebal kot.

aida ~ ntah. so i heard. also staff yang randomly pick-up. si yati okay lagi. husband akak tu ha, dah 11 tahun dah pon..