Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tale of Office Affair & Tale of Tebby

It scares me. Even before it's official, I've been receiving 'good luck' wishes already. 'Good luck's that were conveyed in a tone and manner that gave me a chill. I got a hint something is wrong. I heard the tell-tale from some people. Conclusion, it's more like 'lari dari harimau, masuk kandang buaya'. So to speak. Do I run from it? Or do I learn some basics in handling buaya? I guess I'd choose the latte. I mean latter. See.. I'm alreadly stumbling with my words.

On the other hand, we may be expecting good news. Notice the word MAY? I hope it will materialise but at the same time I don't want anyone to be truly dissappointed if it doesn't. Let's say it's so-so lahh. You see, in split second, things can change, kan. No, we are not expecting another baby (yet). If it does happen, we may be experiencing a little bit of life-hiccups and change in routine may happen as well. I just things will turn out well.

A little bit on Tebby's lunch session. He was in crisp white shirt. Tebby will always wear white shirt if he has important meetings to attend. The food was okay but nobody dared to over-do eating he.. he.. Their conversation revolved around work, study, personal hobby so forth and so on. There was awkward moments of silence once in a while. Like when meeting your in-laws the first time I guess. When I asked him how his lunch was, his first reply was on how good the tomyam was! Yati went for breakfast session yesterday. Sorry dear I was on leave the day you sent me the email. I hope you had a good time.


Some more photos. Semua di paparazi di kampung..


Farra said...

I always like your flowers!! nak jugak nak jugak

ummi said...

farra ~ senang nak ambik gambar bunga sbb dia dok dendiam. so buleh lah guna mode close-up. masa tu pulak pastikan anak2 sedang tido atau sibuk buat benda lain so takde yang mengacau he he. bunga tu mak akak punya. nanti balik kampung akak try kidnap sikit.

Farra said...

kak,sy mmg nak tambah kolesi bunga, tapi maybe lepas renno selesai, takut nk kene kemas byk kali
aduhaii..tak sabao ni gi nursery byk jual bunga kat sg buloh tu..akak penah gi situ tak?

ummi said...

farra ~ akak pernah pegi sekali je, tu pon dah berzaman dulu. masa tu kakak kecik lagi, siap jatuh dalam lopak air he he.

pokok2 kat rumah tu banyak beli kat nursery kat rumah akak kat area cheras/kajang. dan kidnap dari kampung. kalau tgh reno baik tgu dulu kot, nanti abih habuk simen semua tu masuk dalam pasu.