Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Surat Sudah Sampai!

the letter came today. i don't deserve congratulations. other than superior and job scope, nothing new. but i could use 'good luck' instead i guess. thank you. i really need that.


i'll be flying off to Langkawi to attend a super-dry course for a good whole week end of June. *tanduk sudah keluar* i hope i won't splurge like mad this time around. tambah-tambah lagi, insyaAllah 3 others from this office will be flying along. all ladies trip, shall i say.

it's been awhile i last wrote anything about my kids right. to start off, Kakak is back with us. on the last day at kampung, she, the drama queen, cried her heart out the moment we went inches outside the gate. and she had her long-face on until hours later. did i tell you all that Iman has completely stopped taking his formula from bottle. in fact, he refuses his formula altogether and embarked on a susu kotak dutch-lady journey. and he now sleeps through the night. urghh.. finally, after 2.5 years.

okie dokie. that's all for today.

ops, photos.. photos.. photos...

nampak tak belakang tu, the melodramatic drama-queen


mardhiah12 said...

saya baru baca entry kak lan. tak komen kat blog, if not, i'm going to break down & cry. tahun lepas dgn dia, byk dia cerita tentang anak dia nak kawin. ingat lagi dia kata, "anak i nak kawin tahun depan" (Meaning this year). muka senyum simpul, tu lah kira bakal menantu pertama.

lepas tu dia sambung mba juga..sama2 duk tiup semangat..

but i truly like about her, dia yang byk comfort saya waktu saya tension sangat dulu, selalu ingat2kan rezeki kat tangan tuhan. you know how stressful we are under the ex-GM. sama2 stress, sama2 tension, sama2 kena marah, sama2 kena benci dgn ex-GM (ni part tak boleh lupa sekali). tapi rasa ada geng dlm same boat

lepas tu ada org ajak gi spital, 2-2 kali saya cuti. bila dia meninggal, ya Allah!

ummi said...

mardhiah12 ~ masa akak tengok dia kat hospital tu, mmg dah agak uzur. the next day, she slipped into coma and lepas tu meninggal.

sedihkan. tapi itulah aturan Allah - rezeki dan ajal maut.