Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tale of Cooking & Tale of Sites

Yippedeeduu! I'm done with 9 modules of our compulsory e-learning thingy.

Anyway, I am not a TV addict but when I was in Manila, I got no choice but to just watch TV while waiting for the shopping outlets to begin their operations. I got hook up with their Living Network which has lots of cooking and decorating tips and tricks and recipes and such. Almost all chefs or living 'guru' has their own sites so do check-out the list below:-
10. Martha Stewart

Oh, by-the-way, I've added a few recipe on me and my Tebby's food-blog. Do check out our new entries: -


ilsa said...

Oh wow. Banyak giler I've missed out.. ! Love the idea of making your own 'fried' apple pie.. tho obviously it is, I think all this while I was in denial that the apple pies at Mc Donald's were fried rather than baked.. hehe..

ummi said...

ilsa ~ I was too. I always thought pies are baked and never fried. Until I did it myself.