Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tale of Work & Tale of Kids

My hands are often full these days. My boss is on a-week-holiday so that gives me some space to sort things out on my table. The supposedly-arrived-last-week appointment letter did not make it for some reasons that were not known to any of us. I doubt the effective date is going to be 1st June. I just hope and pray that the new scope will give me other insights of things and that things will go on smoothly. Unlike my current scope, which suffered hiccups right from the beginning for some reasons I do not wish to share here. But as they say, beggars cannot be choosers right. It is not what is forthcoming from the new appointment that worries me most. It’s more like what I am doing right now. The scope is gone for good from this office but the reporting and analysis will still need to be submitted. It is accepted that during the transition period of 1-2 months, I’ll still have to contribute but I hope it won’t go any further than that. Okay, enough ramble about this matter. It gives me the chill.

Anyway, in conjunction with my boss taking leave, I have the privilege to finish off 4 parts of the online learning that all executive needs to finish off. Phew, I have like 20 module, each has about 20-40 pages and a test at the end of every module. Passing marks 80%. I almost fail the second one to be frank! So dear colleague, buck up and start now. Keeping it to the last minutes won’t do you good.

Oh btw, we went to Atfal Excel this morning to pick-up Kakak’s report card and to get some insights on how she’s doing. According to her teacher, Kakak is a fast learner ONLY if she can concentrate. Her main problem is lack of concentration. If she’s able to do so, learning would be a breeze. She’s coping almost to the same level with her other friends after so many absence last year. As for Iman, he’s gonna start Kindy next year. According to the caretaker, Iman is maturing fast. He still throws tantrums and loves to be around older kids. He still lack in vocal communication. But to sum-up my kids, their problem lies in lack of concentration. I guess it’s really hard to sit still when there’s a lot to do and explore. Iman is taking his
fish-oil on daily basis as per advised by his paed. Kakak, after much coaxing, still refuses due to the smell. In fact, even Tebby gets ‘mual’ with the smell. Someone needs to do the smelly job, huh.

And know what, latest research shows that the level of activity is in fact, heredity. Genes play some part also. No, it's not mine.


mawar said...

when i look into these pictures..i can see my daugther and her adik2(insyaAllah)do the same thing in future *sigh* but then life will be dull without their naughtiness rite? :D

ummi said...

mawar ~ be prepared for all sorts of things when you have kids. tapi kekecohan diorang ni lah yang akak rasa paling menghiburkan dan mendamaikan. how irony it is kan.

yatipruzz said...

sebijik cam idlan & abahnyer hehe...gurau2 yg ganaz yg membingitkan telinga saye :p

ummi said...

yati ~ masalahnya kan, bila abahnya takde, diorang nak kerjakan akak cam tu jugak. tu yang tak tahan tu. nak dukung kepala ke bawah lah. nak naik cam kudalah, nak dukung pusing2 lah.. fening mokcik.

inaz said...

hehehehehe... you definietly going to miss all this actions 'later' :D

ummi said...

inaz ~ i'll sure will!! but i hope they wont refuse mu hugs and kisses no matter how old they are or I am. they will always be my babies.