Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exposed I Shall Be..

I'll be attending a workshop in Melaka tonight until Saturday noon. The first workshop for the new job-scope. Suratnya belum sampai tapi kerjanya udah! Exposure, as they call it. Whatever.. Bring it on. I am still very much positive about everything.. he.. he..

Standing Ovation once again to Tebby. He'll be alone caring for the kids while I'm away. God knows if Kakak will slap lotion onto Abah and does her little kiddy massage like she does on me every night lately. Ummi shall miss that Kakak. And Iman with his little dance as he 'sings' along with little-red-hairy ELMO from Sesame Streets on TV. Of course, my Tebby. I shall miss his quick morning-peck on the cheek.

I'll write again when conditions permit.

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