Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tale of Viva, Tale of Tebby

Salam to all.

Updates on my ViVa. Got the undertaking letter at 45 after 5 on Monday and sent it to Pero2 in Kajang the next morning. (Thanks a lot to Kak Pah from HR, tho she may not be reading my blog at all! I pestered her all day) They're keeping the car for me until they get the cheque from T*. I don't know if they bluff. They told me the car would be available in 1.5-2 months time when there was in fact ready-stock and when it did arrived in their showroom much-much earlier than expected, they insisted that payment be made within 3 days. Gilo apo? Kalau duit saya berbakul-bakul, tidaklah saya membeli ViVa itu okay. At this point, kalau ada jodoh saya dengan si ViVa Kajang tu,.. adalahhh... kalau susah-susah sangat, anggaplah dah tak ada jodoh... sob! sob! Yang pasti kalau tak dapat ViVa, saya akan pinang yang lain pulak he.. he..

Anyway, semalam Tebby tak sihat. At 33yo, he's still very much a child in certain aspect. He ordered McD delivery of a Quarter Pounder, 2pcs of Fried Chicken. That were, in fact, normal in my household, we're gastronomic-disasterous when it comes to eating. When I asked him about soda drink, he just smiled guiltily. That earned him a spank. You see, Tebby had 'Gastritis Haemorrage' (spelling?) atau dengan kata mudahnya gastric berdarah and that is not not not good. He's been postponing appointment with Dr Mazlam and having hard time not to consume the 'donts', soda included. See, I have 3 babies to take care of. All manja one somemore!! But sorry guys, I am all Iman's at night. He'd wrap me around in his little embrace until he falls asleep.

Anyway, Achik and Che De (my SILs) came over last weekend. Kakak went shopping with them in Alamanda and got herself Twyla. Twyla is a cat in Barbie's Twelce Dancing Princesses, btw. [Excerpt from wiki ~ A cute kitten in the palace, who tries to act tough in front of her enemies. She is very proud and brave and does not get along with Rowena's monkey Brutus. She believes that she is a tigress (the reasons behind this belief are unknown and not explained in the film, though she seems to truly believe it), as shown when she tells Brutus that she is descended from "a line of fierce tigers from the jungles of India"] She knew well she would not be able to get one had she gone with us so... Achik and Che de were definately better targets. Achik brought along some food-stuff for us. A few boxes of cookies and a few more of 'instant' things. Thanks Achik.

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