Wednesday, May 09, 2007

APSH102007, 112007 & 122007 and on 'Speaking of Which'

Speaking of hot weather nowadays, thank God it rained this morning. Tho I had to go through the hassle of bundling the kids into the car while it was raining, without getting them wet and then went through a bit worse traffic jam due to the rain, I’m loving every bit of the cold moment the rain had brought with it. I hope my surviving herbs and other plants will get some kind of moral encouragement from the rain. Please God let them survive.

Speaking of being thankful, I have a lot to say Alhamdulillah for. One of those is the KGT we just got for 2007. Another one is the completed repayment for one of my mini-mikro loans. (It seems like 'kacang' only when I mentioned mini-mikro right. But if you have 2 or 3 of those, they can be quite burdensome you know) Another being my repayment of JPA, which can be paid one-off, in full, using one month of increment. I am finally free off some debts.

Speaking of debts, I may be opening another chapter on that. Thank God I hesitated on buying Savvy or any other compact (and cheap) cars. In conjunction of me being free off some debts and the KGT, Perodua is launching its replacement model for Kancil and Kelisa. And the prices seem right with my budget. Lalalalalaaa… lepas ni senanglah makcik nak beronggeng dengan anak-anak. And the car will be fully utilized as Tebby wants to save money on petrol so Chevy will stay home after this.

Speaking of anak-anak pulak, Kakak is having mild coughing while Iman, selsema. Never ending episode eh? But to me, their health is improving. They still get it but on a longer interval. We brought Iman to APSH yesterday (our 12th visit in 2007 alone!). Alhamdulillah, after not rejecting the latest antibiotics, his right ear dried up completely. On our 10th visit, which was on 21st April 2007, he was prescribed antibiotics, which he later rejected. He vomited his stomach out after ½ hr or so after we administered the antibiotic. On our 11th visit, he was given a milder one, flavorful strawberry which he liked and accepted. Even Kakak wanted to have some. Dr said should Iman reject that one, he may have to be admitted or even to have a minor surgery to dry up his ear. I am so very relieved where Iman’s right ear is concerned. Did I tell you how the kids ‘duckling’ around during weekends? They minded their business with a small pail, a few small shovels and pebbles and whatnots and later turned themselves into somekind of choc-coated monsters from the soil they dug and plastered onto their bodies. They did. No kidding. Abess berkumbah lawn.

Iman is so obsessed with ELMO lately. That soft-spoken red cutie has been on screen for God-Knows-How-Many-Time already. I kinda like ELMO too. He's polite, he's funny and he pronouns himself as ELMO and not 'i'. While Iman is at that, Kakak found ways through tears and naggings to get her Lumpy (Heffalump from one of those Pooh's movies). I bought that in The Podium for one of my nieces actually. Looks like I need to find something else as replacement. Anyway, when comes bedtime, it's still kikkerrr and pah.

Speaking of lawn, semalam we happened to come across a booth promoting pergolas, gazebos, gates and grills (mostly wrought iron). His initial calculations, my dream pergola and wood decking will insyaAllah cost about 2-3K only (my calculation says 6-9K!). Left our contact and we will be contacted later for actual quotations when they actually come to measure everything.
(latest news - the person called Tebby and he'll come this Sunday for quotation.. yippeedeeeduuuu)

Now, I have a lot to smile about, right.


mawar said...

wah..wah..nak buat pagar baru yer? budget ard 2K???nanti dah siap dont forget post the pictures okeh?

ummi said...

mawar ~ pembetulan, bukan pagar. pergola dgn wood decking je kot. tu pun nak kena tgk harganya dulu. kalau over budget, maybe settle for just pergola dulu lah kot. no worries, sure ada gambar punya!

Nero ...... said...

Ceh2 nak buat pagola lak...mesti menarik ...kak nak beli keta beli le viva...cantik saya tgk

ummi said...

nero ~ yes.. pergola idaman... bertahun2 berangan woo..

mmg akak tgh tgu viva keluar. tp depa ni pandai tau.. yang ada auto cuma 1000cc sahaja. memula nak beli 850 je. nampak gayanya kena korek tabung sikit ni.

siku|at said...

akak.. jgnlupe tanya gok pasal grille ek ek..

ummi said...

sikulat ~ orait orait.. nx wk bawak harddrive yek, hasben akak nak copy cite2..

~ahni~ said...

Oh... walaupun saya tengok pelancaran kereta tu kat TV (VIVA) baru la saya tahu bila baca kat entry ummi ni yang model tu akan replace kancil and kelisa... so after this no more kancil and no more kelisa lah? Dah jadi antiklah kereta kelisa saya ni ek.

ummi said...

ahni ! sebenarnya saya nak beli kelisa masa ke showroom abt sebulan lepas. tup2 salesman tu suggest tgu dulu ada model baru. tu yang dok tgu viva tu. esok nak tengok. if okay, buleh beli.

Kaklong said...


inilah bestnya ada rumah sendirikan, boleh nak buat macam2 kat rumah tu. kalau masih menyewa tak best nak tambah itu ini. doakan saya murah rezeki nak beli rumah pulak.

eh, ummi pernah tak bagi anak2 makan madu? elok utk batuk n selsema. since kakak n adik tu ada batuk n selsema, sebaiknya mandi tu jgan basuh rmabut depa. kecuali kalua busuk sangat, yelah basuh rambut ni menyejukkan kepala, utk anak2 kecil yg ada selsema n batuk ni, melambatkan depa baik sbnrnya, ini yg doktor pesan kat saya utk kes anak saya yg kena asma time batuk berkahak n selsema.

ummi, tak pelah dulu kalau tak menambah bil. anak buat masa ni, lagipun kakak dan adik tu selalu tak sihatkan.InsyaAllah, kesihatan depa betul2 utuh, barulah fikirkan semula. Ada hikmahnya tu...

ummi said...

kak long ~ thanks advise pasal mandi anak2 tu. budak2 ni kuat berpeluh, tak tahan kita dibuatnya! busuk!

pasal rumah tu, insyaAllah.. rezeki masing-masing. saya dah duduk rumah sendiri tapi anak ada 2 saja. kak long gerabak dah panjang. saya alhamdulillah bekerja dan bergaji tapi kak long ada masa lebih banyak dengan anak-anak. jeles jugak saya! bahagian masing-masing kan. yang pentingnya kita redha dan bersyukur.

madu tu anak2 saya tak berapa suka. saya dah try bagi tp depa cam tak berapa nak. insyaAllah saya cuba lagi nanti.

thanks kak long.