Thursday, May 03, 2007

Post Manila Blues

Haiyaa.. I rushed back from a course in Jalan Gurney (so that I could go home early and have a back rub) only to be told Tebby has a meeting at 6.40p.m. Aiyohhh.. There goes my plan.


I really really need a back-rub or back-massage or something. Yesterday we had fun doing a bit of gardening while the kids jumped into lopak air they created on the lawn while we were at that, ended every bit looking like lost baby-ducks. Serve us right actually. As you know, we left the kids in the safe hands of my parents while we were in Manila. Friday we got back to Malaysia and Saturday went to fetch them. I greedily ambushed and looted my mom's plants! I guess I was biting a bit too much to chew. Dah ambik tu, kenalah tanam kan. So, Selasa went pot-shopping at Bt9. Bought about 5-6 pasu and tanah for RM65.00. Yesterday, we dragged ourselves menanam all those hijacked tumbuh-tumbuhan. One thing about gardening is that, it teaches me passion and patient, like does parenting. To see them grow slowly and later bloom beautifully. And they don't talk back! Anyway, I left the camera back home so I can't load photos of my project yesterday. But I humbly offer the old photos of my mom's plants back home. They say, ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi, right. This kuah, came a little bit late. But it happens when it happens, kan. At least it actually happens somehow!

bunganya cantik, pokoknya berduri..

my mom's daisies

The kids are doing fine, back to life's routine. Kakak has found a new hobby of painting her nails and makes funny faces on the palms. Much to the irritation of Tebby. She nags these days and even asked me 'Kakak ni kepoh tak Ummi?' Yarright my dear. Her english is much better. She said she was 'serious' about something. And she told me to say 'Yesss' when she calls me mummy or mama, not the usual Ummi. And we repeated the process there and then. She called me 'Mummyyyy!!!!!' and I said 'YESSSSSS'. Then only she left me in peace. Oh, she had head lices last week! My God.. the day her caretaker told me, they'd found 13 kutu already! Tebby happily cari kutu for her everyday since she's back with us. Every week I had to apply that foul-smelling syampoo kutu just to get rid of those and its generations to be. And Kakak also informed us, the syampoo is 'racun kutu' and not 'ubat kutu' as it kills the kutu and not makes them healthier. Good point my dear. One step into critical thinking.

As for the other one, Iman, somehow a bit toned-down from his hyper-activity. But I don't want to dwell too much on that as we may get back to square one. He's still one active boy but a bit managable. Alhamdulillah. What worries us these days is that he refuses his formula. He doesn't take bottles anymore and happily drinks milks in cartons. I need to religiously give him his fish-oil everyday from now on to ensure he gets all those DHA, AA and whatever A there is! Badan pun dah susut sikit but as long as he is healthy, we are okay (still a bit worry tho). A bit on his health, his right ear, which is infected since Raya Haji, still is being infected. Not seriously but we need to be cautious. If he shows no improvement by next week, he may be warded for another treatment. Btw, he almost made me shed tears last night. I called him for his scott emulsion and he answered me 'yaaaaa'. For a boy who doesn't talk much, his 'yaaa' was among the most sweetest thing I ever heard. (I know your kids can tell stories at barely 2yo, please bear with me, this 30mo Muhammad Iman's 'yaaa' is so precious to my ears)

Here's a bit on his activities kat kampung


STEADY (posing dulu)

GO!!! (abesslah wan marah cucu dia punya pekerjaan..)

I have another 2 more entries on Manila trip actually. Boring kan. But what to do, this is my blog, my jurnal and I don't take vacations much, let alone overseas one. So every journey is so precious. Bear with me okay. I'll do those entries later. Have I mentioned that Manila was hot? It was, much more than KL. Hot and dry. When I got back in KL, even the flight was just 3.5 hours, I felt so tired and fell asleep so very easily, like having some kind of jetlag. Seoul was okay. I came back and behaved normally after. In case you are wondering, I am not pregnant.


aida said...

hehehe... berapa kali dah kena kutu ni?

amni n fawwaz dah 2 kali.. just make sure the head lice shampoo is stocked at home.. last time budak 2 org tu kena masa raya, jenuh tak jumpa ubat kutu.. tensennn

ummi said...

aida ~ setakat ni kakak dah 3x. iman terus digondolkan. kutunya dah mati tp telurnya ada lagi. tetiap malam abahnya mencari. makcik2 dia yg dtg rumah pun gotong royong cari kutu dia..