Monday, February 27, 2012

Infitah Home Tuition

After much thinking and deliberation, we decided January 2012 was the last month Iman attended Saturday class in Persatuan Dyslexia, Ampang Hilir. When Iman started Year 1 way back in January 2011, we did not enroll him into KAFA classes, as we did with Kakak. We were afraid it would be too much for him to follow, given all his shortcomings (at that point). Instead we enrolled him (and Kakak) into kelas mengaji at a tadika nearby our house, 4 days a week, after Maghrib All went well until I started back working. Mula miss class, then makin jarang datang and then we stopped altogether barely after 5 months I joined back the working world. Iman was at Iqra' 3 and Kakak has just started reading the Holy Quran.

Since kami x berkemampuan dari segi masa untuk kelas mengaji on weekdays, we had to forgo Iman's Saturday class at PDM. To make way for kelas mengaji on Saturday.

We scouted around for kelas mengaji on weekends. Calls made. Emails sent. None. We felt to bad for them not attending kelas mengaji. Rasa berdosa kalau tak melengkapkan anak-anak dengan ilmu mengaji.

Among the places I asked was Kelas Tuition Cikgu Maryam (KCM.. web They ols pun ada provide Saturday class and they claimed they can arrange one for Kakak and Iman. They will call us once they have the details of Ustaz/Ustazah. Every Saturday at their center at around RM35 per head per hour. That would be RM70 per week and RM280 per month. It is not the money that turned us off. They never called back.

Then someone referred us to After reading the info given, I called up their Serdang Branch, the nearest with our house. Cik Wan who answered me, gave my number to Cikgu Aiman. Cikgu Aiman is a pharmacy student and is a tutor. After exchanging series of SMS, Cikgu Aiman came to our house on Saturday 11th February 2012. I like Cikgu Aiman. All my SMS-es were answered, promptly. A polite young lad that he is.

During his visit, we conveyed our expectation. Didn't want to start big, kami request for kelas mengaji and a bit of Fardhu Ain as well as sirah dulu. The focus would be mengaji. Bergantung kepada keadaan, kami mungkin juga akan mintak tuition Math untuk Kakak and BM for Iman. Kami jugak mintak an Ustazah yang can handle small children.

Price structure is much cheaper than KCM's. Rate per head per hour for 1st student is RM35. 2nd person is additional RM10 and the 3rd and 4th and so on is an additional RM5 per head. We enrolled Kakak and Iman so it would be RM45 per hour for the two of them. Approximately RM23 per head. Classes will be conducted 4x a month. Kalau miss, boleh ganti dengan mana-mana bulan yang ada 5 Saturdays (contohnya March 2012).

The do's and dont's. No monetary transaction between us and the tutor except for pemberian tambahan ikhlas selain daripada formal fee. A dedicated room is good but a clear dining table would be sufficient. My kids ambik kelas mengaji, kami kena sediakan Quran for Kakak and buku Iqra' for Iman. Sememangnya dah ada. Any other additional materials will be advised from time to time.

So, first class was last Saturday 25th February 2012. Ustazah Farah. Kesian Ustazah sesat barat cari rumah kami:D A young shariah lawyer from Sungai Besar, now practising in Mahkamah Kajang. She's staying in Kajang.

She gets along well with Kakak, Iman and Adam. Adam, walaupun tak di enroll asal-asalnya, dia sama-sama belajar :D Last-last we included Adam in Ustazah Farah's time sheet :D :D That makes the fee RM35 + RM10 + RM5. RM50 tapi kita jangan berkira soal pendidikan anak-anak, terutamanya ilmu akhirat.

They started off with reciting doa's. Then start mengaji. The session was closed with short introduction to Rukun Iman.

It's still too soon for me to comment but I am putting much hope in this. If possible (insyaAllah), Kakak tamat mengaji Quran this year and Iman start Quran in maybe 6 months from now. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami semua.


Wan Siti said...

Assalamulaikum wbt., puan,

Alhamdulillah, kami amat berbesar hati dapat menolong puan :)

Sekadar makluman & tumpang iklan sebentar.

Program terdekat kami, Motivasi al-Quran (MAQ), pada 12 - 15 Mac 2012.

Tempat : Masjid Putra, Putrajaya
Masa : 8:30 pagi - 5:30 petang

Maklumat & pendaftaran di

Terima kasih, puan.

- Cik Wan

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linahilmin said...


Tq so much for sharing this.
May Allah bless u & ur family.