Saturday, February 18, 2012

Easy Peasy Buffalo Wings

In my household, we rarely eat proper nasi-berhidang for dinner. That is the habit I learn from Tebby's side of family. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, dinner like a beggar. Well, we don't exactly have dinner like beggar but usually very light ones. Sandwich, soups, fried noodles..

Obviously 'light' here doesn't mean 'lean' :D Basically it's dinner on a plate, not on many plates :D

Anyway, I did BUFFALO WINGS for dinner today. Baked, though I prefer them grilled. Kalau grill stove-top alamatnya berkepul-kepul lah asap dalam rumah nanti.

Iman loves these! He's such a picky eater so when he ate one after another, it was such an accomplishment. Tebby tak layan.. tak cukup masin katanya..

Washed, kitchen-towel dried, marinated for 3 hours in refrigerator. I used 8 wings.

Here's the cheat! Ready made marinade, made my life a whole lot easier. (I am not a good cook to begin with :P) Mc Cormick Original Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. They have spicy variation. Kalau beli yang itu the probability anak-anak tak suka adalah tinggi. Original then.

It says 2.5lbs wings to a packet. 2.2lbs = 1 kg. A little lesser than 1 kg. I used 8 wings to 1/2 of the packet. Next time to increase by a spoonful to cater for Tebby's tastebud. Bake for 25-30 minutes. My oven is that small portable Faber oven, it took 45 minutes until done. Kalau 25 minutes alamatnya putih melepak lagilah wings tu.

Directions for grilling. Kalau buat outside BBQ bolehlah try this method.

Drool yet? Go and try. I bought this at Carrefour BTHO. Think this is widely sold in most supermarkets. Search the spice aisle k.


Smiley said...

akak, so mkn gitu je? ker ada salad lain?

y@tipruzz said...

Kita serupalahh! We also dont take heavy dinner. Cekodok adabi, pancake, roti canai, mushroom soup, nuggets, burger, instant name a few hehe

Farra ko jgn terkejut plak :p

ummi said...

Farra ~ mlm semalam ada leftover kuetiaw sama cokodok udang. kalau nk variasi lbh sihat, ya, sila buat salad. nak try ceasers salad lak nest time.

Yati ~ jommm.... bleh share menu pasnih...

Smiley said...

tak terkejut la uols ni sume diet2

kami lak dinner bukan nasi, but pizza, pasta, mee, burger..huhu hi fat gak

btw kak! td gi tesco nampak rempah yg akak beli ni

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