Friday, February 03, 2012

Moroccon Rose - I'm In Love!

My relationship with BodyShop goes a loooooonnggggg way. Sadly tho, we're not engaged :D It's a casual relationship I'd say. On off. As and when.

Since my virgin visit to Hammam Bangsar (read here), I fell in love with roses smell. Not that potpourri kinda smell. Soft and lingering but not to obvious, as if you're smelling the real roses.

So, here's my first collection of BodyShop Moroccan Rose range. Body milk with spray pump. Spray spray spray. Dab dab dab. Rub Rub Rub. Syiok!

I went overboard (what's new?) with Body Mist. To be sprayed after shower the SG said. I went even further by spraying onto pillows and linens heh heh.

Do I like them? Indeed. I have no complaint on the Body Milk. Absorped well. Smells good. No sticky feeling afterwards. It's a kinda thin tho. Maybe I sould get their Moroccon Rose bodybutter for night use and use this Body Milk during the day. Bodybutter and me don't go along well during hot sunny day despite me having dry skin.

For these, I got a RM20 cash rebate for my next purchase. Loike!


pB said...

nampak macam menarik

aida said...

nanti akak kena cuba perfume paul smith rose.. sangat mendamaikan.. suka bau rose dia

Unknown said...

pB ~ kita suka!

aida ~ ha ha.. after this purchase akak actually p beli its EDT plak hohoho. these days i'm into fink fefel, bau roses, lilies :D

Farra said...

akak, cam menarik kite tak pandai la pakai

Unknown said...

Farra ~ as umur makin byk, kulit makin kering. kenalah tepek apa2 kasi lembap :D nanti dah baya2 akak pandai lah tu nanti.....