Sunday, February 26, 2012

tete-a-tete dinner @Delicious Bangsar

Decided for a quiet dinner last Friday. Just the two of us. Anyone who's been married for quite sometime would agree that at times we need to have our own space. 'Me & you' time. 'Me' time. 'You' time. And of course loads of 'our' time with the kids.

I was longing for DeliciousCeaser Salad added with Smoked Salmon. First had it with Tebby months back. He had stomach ache the day after. And I fell in love with it. Maybe due to the fact that when I was little, I had my fair share of buah-buah hutan (ketapi, rambai, kundang - just to name a few) and freshly grilled birds yang my brothers lastik - my stomach could stand it. And yes, for someone with that background, Ceaser Salad added with Smoked Salmon, is a bit too glamorous :D

Went to Delicious Bangsar. Some people said Delicious in Bangsar serves more delicious food than Delicious elsewhere. I can't state my opinion since I ordered something different altogether!

Our drinks. Hot Honey Lemon. Served with slices of biscotti. Refreshing. It is served separately from the honey. Just tuangkan the whole bekas. Nampak macam banyak but it is actually cukup-cukup aje nak bagi soothingly manis.

His. Pan-seared Cod. Despite much popularity on salmon, we still can't eat it. Our tekak just cannot accept. Perhaps too buttery. But cod, yes, sedap. Better than the cod I that I ate in Tony Roma's. His mains, my appetiser. Nampak tak fork tu? I had to literally shoo him away for seconds to take this photo :D 2 prawns tu I tak sempat rasa. Gone. Potatoes tu disimbah dengan kuah pasta. Something very tomato-ey.

Hers. Or mine. Chargrilled Grain-fed Chilled Sirloin Steak. Served with Balsamic Shallot Reduction. A rose by any other name will still smell as sweet. A steak by any other name will still be a steak to me ^_^ Balsamic Shallot Reduction tu is the sauce. I am no fan of sourish thing but it is good when eaten with the steak.

Drool yet? Here's a close-up :D :D

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