Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mr. Brite,.. Scotch-Brite

Hello Mr Brite! Welcome on board!

I bought meself this, this morning. SCOTCH BRITE - Quick Sweeper Kit. Normal price is RM39.90. Or RM36.00, can't remember exactly. For today is RM25.00. I need new broom anyway. I hate having to deal with dirt and dust but I can't afford to have cleaning service everyday. This is not exactly the next best thing (now, THAT is going to be a uncorded vacuum-cleaner *hint*) Anyway, if it works as it claims, I am sure gonna fall in love with this :D Temporarily, before the bonus comes in *hint* and I can get the SAID vacuum-cleaner.

That is what micro-fibre is famous for anyway, in household cleaning department. It traps. Less flyaways. If it is as it claims, I have less to deal with my endless season of shedding (rambut gugur lah tuuu.. sobs). The kit basically comes as 2 items. The batang penyapu and the cloth. Oh, can be used dry or wet. Eloklah tu, budak-budak ni memang suka tumpahkan air.

Buh pi la kaler apa pun. As long as it works. Am I right? Or am I right?

Adjustable. Ikut lah keselesaan masing-masing. Can be lengthened so Tebby can use it and shortened so any of the children can use it also :D :D But I am the defaulted user..........

The micro-fibre cloth. Feels like kain tuala. Ada yang halus sikit. Ada barisan yang kasar-kasar sikit.

The cloth is attached to the batang penyapu with 2 strips of velcro. Detached to clean and wash.

Owww yess.. let's give this baby a try

I tried sweeping the staircase and floor downstairs. The stairs always gives me headache bila nak sapu. When swept, dirts and dusts of kos lah flyaways jugak kan. And they jatuh on my sofa which is berdekatan dengan tangga. With this, since it traps, less of that problem.

Since I last swept the floor few days ago (seven days makes a week right? but 'few days' sounds less evil than 'a week' does hihi), the accumulation of dirt and dust was too much for this Mr Brite to handle. I had to sweep and then bersihkan the cloth and the swept again, and bersihkan semula. For light cleaning, yes. For a week worth of dirt and dust - no.

So, do I love Mr Brite? I do. Afterall everyone comes with own set of the goods and bads..

Note - Bought at Carrefour BTHO


Smiley said...

akak, good review for this iklan tak berbayar ekekek..btw, tak penah lak guna die..

ummi said...

farra ~ saje gatei nak try it out. next is gonna be its mop pulak. blehlah masuk dalam blog genglunch pasnih :D

ida khairani said...

Oo menarik. Nak membasuhnya senang tak? Berpuluh kali kena p basuh kalau habuk n rambut by?? ��