Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Leave! Dating! Shopping! *love*

Took leave. Went dating.
We held hands. We ate. We laughed. We shopped.

Where else. MidValley. The venue we frequent since our dating days. We still date anyway. So I re-phrase it as since our bujang days.

Went back home some $$$ poorer. But definately and certainly happy. And kenyang too.

View from where I sat. Depan Cititel. Traffic clear. Working days so it was expected. We sat at a comfy corner with cushioned settee on one side and two dining chairs on the other side. We both picked the cushioned spot. Ended up like baca berita :D

2 small plates of a kind of sambal each. They were first to arrive.

Hot Lemon Tea.
I don't do ice much these days. In fact, it's been almost 11 years that ice been striked out from my favourite drinks.

His. I think it was lemonade. I didn't taste it.

Garoupa in Tom Yam. Of course that's not the name on the menu. I can't remember what since the name sounded so Siamese :D Deep fried fish with texture to our liking. Not too dry. In Tom Yam broth. When you order this, you don't need to order anything soupy anymore. At first we were thinking to take grilled garoupa but they only do seabass for grilling.

Part of our menu. Grilled Squid hasn't arrived yet this time :D Yes, I tend to eat a lot when dining with Tebby. Back in Tebby's hometown, we celebrate visitors with food. In our case, we also celebrate ourselves with food.

Kailan in Salted Fish. Sedap. I'have always love Kailan Ikan Masin anyway. This one was crunchy and the proportion of taste was just right. At least to my tastebud.

Omelette. Too oily. You don't have to chew this cause it literally slipped down our throat. Too much oil. Tekak cepat rasa meloya. We only ate 1/2 of it.

Lookie! Lookie! Look who held the sauce for us..

BBQ Grilled Squid. I can't remember the exact name but that summarises the sotong lah. A far cry from gambar dalam menu. I expected something juicier. Something fairer and softer. A little too dry and a bit rubbery too. I prefer the one that En Tebby did masa our own BBQ at home.

Amarin gave us this. Yeah, 2012.. please be kind to me!

In collaboration with Citibank anyway. Bayar cash pun still dapat.

We did a little shopping before and after Amarin. Tebby bought many things, much to his own surprise. Of course he splurged after I coaxed him to.
Alaaaaaaaaaa... bukan selalu you beli baju.
Alaaaaaa.... selalu you berkenan tak saiz, now semua ada size.
Alaaaaaaaa... beli aje lah 3, every color each.
*mata kelip kelip*

Nampak tu gemuk beg Metrojaya itu.
Office shirts, pants, shoes.

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah. My shopping bag lagi kurus than his.

2 boxes of Popeyes and a bagful of buns.

Balik rumah, jenuh kena investigate dengan anak-anak. Alaaaaa... bukan selalu Ummi Abah dapat spend time together alone lama-lama macam ni *mata Ummi kelip-kelip*

Thanks Yang for the good time and good food. Ai lebiu!


asma salleh said...

dating & outing berdua-duaan tanpa mini him & hers.. mmg indah.. i loikee..

ummi said...

smah ~ indaaaahhhhh... esp time makan. tayah nak deal dengan rebut2, dgn air tumpah, sudu garfu jatuh etc heh heh. bukan tak sayang, sayaaanngggg amat. kdg2 perlukan masa untuk bersendirian berdua-duaan.

y@tipruzz said...

i spotted something sparkle n glitter!!!

ummi said...

yati ~ where? where?