Thursday, February 09, 2012

Iman The Darling

Iman is such a darling these days.

I FB-ed last week on how he woke up at 1.37am only to kiss me goodnight.
Tadi semasa saya nak tidur saya lupa nak cakap goodnight.
Though he almost make me fainted sebab terkejut, I went to bed smiling.

Yesterday, he bought 'air plastik'. (the one in tube macam aiskrim Malaysia tu)
He bought two, normally he'd just buy one.
Satu saya punya. Saya belikan untuk Adam juga.

Iman bought something for Adam? THAT, must be recorded at the back of my mind. Because Iman and Adam rarely in sync together.

Today we had dinner outside.
The elder two ordered Nasi Goreng that came with a slice of keropok in each plate.
He took his and gave it to Adam.
Awww sweetieee..
(he later took Kakak's for his own consumption anyway!)

Each time when he asked me to do something for him, I always get a warm 'THANK YOU UMMI'

This is him on our last day at Lexis PD. He finally has the gut to get into the adult pool (with ummi's very, very, very.................. very close supervision). Albeit with the float, I am glad he has conquered his fear. I asked him to race me from one end to another. Of course we both had floats, he in his swim ring, and I, a kick-board. In the beginning I was leading. Then suddenly I heard him saying, 'UMMI SAYA PERGI DULU YA' and swam on, leaving me behind by some metres.

How can my heart not melt :D *beam proudly* <-- walaupun kalah acara berenang dengan pelampung hi hi


Farra said...

so sweet abag Iman:-)

oren said...

baguih abang Iman..