Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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Hi people. This is where I work, among the places.

I moved here (to this building, along with the rest of the department) in September 2007. I was at my early stage of pregnancy. I couldn't stand the smell of new furniture and new carpet. I hated the red wall.

I used to use a desktop but since I am entittled for a laptop, apa lagi lah kan. Terus aje ku tukarkan desktop dengan laptop.

See that bakul kat belakang tu? There's my food provision. Bakul tu pulak hamper ehsan GM sedekah kat anak buah.

Ku takde cermin cam Limaunipis. Kalau nak menempel2 bedak, tengok cermin kat kotak bedak aje.


yatipruzz said...

nice n neat! elok je shawl akak berlipat gitu. saya nyer tunggang terbalik :p

ummi said...

yati ~ tu baru lepas kemas tu sebenarnya he he