Friday, December 05, 2008

Adam - Bronchiolitis Episode

22nd - 25th November 2008.
Adam was 6 months and 11 days old on 22nd November 2008.

Brought him to APSH for pnuemoccoccal jab. Instead of the jab, kena tahan masuk ward sebab 'bronchiolitis'. He was coughing phlegm that time. He had on-off light fever now and then. Tapi dia tetap menten tersenyum memanjang.

Single rooms were fully occupied that time. Ada double bedded but knowing my other kids and how nuisance they can be, I did not opt for that. Furthermore Adam needed not for IV. Just medications and nebuliser so we went back home after booking a deluxe single. At that point, the person occupying the room has been discharged but he/she was still there. Clearance of GL and insurance always take sometime kan so it explained lah why we finally were called by APSH to 'check-in', only at 4pm. That was like 6 hours after admission.

So, there we were, me, Tebby and Adam and another 2 kids in tow, spending a 4d3n in APSH. Lazing around watching TV and eating free meals.

Adam had a blood test done on him and obviously he had some kind of infection. He was prescribed with Cedax (antibiotik), Singulair and another medication which I can't recall what the name was. Apart from that, he underwent physion sessions as well as suction. Having gone through that many many times with Kakak and Iman, we were, well... a bit relaxed this time around. I mean I can still hold Adam for suction without shedding a single tear. Adam, of course, cried his lung out! After the whole traumatic session, he'd, without fail, only stopped crying when I held him close.

Adam was discharged on Tuesday 25th November 2008. Among my 3 kids, Adam paling awal kena warded. The first time when he was barely 6 hours-old. In fact he went into ICU and later was put in incubator and warmer. The bronchiolitis episode was his 2nd, when he was 6 months and 11 days old.

He's now doing well. He finally managed to figure out how to use his little feet and hands to move forward. He has started raising his bum and be on all fours but still doesn't has the gut to crawl.

Well, that was one of the things that had happened during my blog silence.

Mat Sengih.. manjang senyum dia nih

Physio session. Melalak2 kena debik.

Pelakon tambahan yang lagi kecoh dari Adam :P


yatipruzz said...

sure pelakon tambahan tu hepi duk ward eh kak hehe

comel giler adam senyum. Baju kiko tu no 8 kan...sama cam baju idlan 4yrs back :p sayang giler baju tuh sbb time amik gambar baju tu idlan senyum kiut miut :)

ummi said...

yati ~ diorang lagi heboh dan kecoh dari Adam :P

tu baju Iman... recycle. Iman pakai jenjalan, Adam pakai as baju tido. dah lusuh dah pon..

CT said...

siannye adam.. kecik2 dah merasa dok "holiday package" ekk.. tak tahan la tgk baby2 dok spital kan..

Our Dreams Of Life said...


sian adam..anak sulung akak dulu pon penah kene physio..akak pon meleleh2 air mata..anak sulung kan..riso gak nih alysha dah 2 mgu batuk lom baik..balik kedah ni nk bwk g specialist...risoooo amat

NeroEcha said...

Cian little Adam..harap dah ok lepas ni kan..kesian kalau tgk baby kena mcm ni...

ummi said...

CT ~ kita hak neman kat spital pon tak tahan. lepas 2 hari mulalah igt rumah sendiri.

k ina ~ harap2 alysha cepat baik. tak tahan dengar batuk kahak kan. pastu diorang tak reti nak buang.

nero ~ sekarang dia dah ok. alhamdulillah.

ibuVouge said...

sakit tapi maintain hensem anak ummi ni

ummi, iv pun strong believe of air tangan..

ummi said...

IV ~ sihat? bb macamana? Adam mmg suka senyum. pandang sikit aje dah senyum, tak payah agah2