Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hello, I am a one month old boy today

It's been a month since I huffed and puffed in the labour room, pushing this little guy out. How time really flies when you're enjoying maternity leave eh?

Adam is now around 4.6kg. He gained about 900gm only since birth. I thought he'd gain at least at par with Iman i.e. 1.25kg the first month. Since they both kuat bergayut. Boys and breasts, what's new kan. The home-nursing staff from APSH also told me Adam's body is almost like a 3 months-old. Badan dia dah keras. He can lift his head up and keep it up for a long time. He can stand on his little feet. He even made attempts to roll over (followed by loud wail sebab dia sendiri terkejut bila nak tergolek tu). When I hold him on his stomach during bath, he'd kick his feet (ala-ala berenang gitu). Oh btw, do not attempt to bath him in the sink, he hates that. It's a proper bath with bath tub and all okay.

This little guy is also friendly. Dah pandai-pandai menegur orang. When we look directly at his face, he'd flash his toothless, sideway grin. Excite him even more, he'd wriggle his head, like little birdie fetching food from mummy-bird.

I eventually managed to stop calling him Iman after a few weeks. Confuse lah makcik. But then that's nothing compared to my SIL. She's known as M*kJa amongst the nephews and nieces. Bila dia ada anak sendiri, she kept on membahasakan herself to her son as M*kJa as well.

Adam is breast-fed, tho not exclusively. There were times when I really need to do something for the other kids urgently and the EBM were still in the freezer. There were times when I really need to go to the toilet and he was crying until his face turned red and his arms and feet flail wildly in protest. It's 90:10 ratio, I'd say. During the day, he feeds once every one hour. Malam pulak, he'd sleep in a strecth of 2 or 3 hours between feeding.

After a month, he has established a pattern of routine. Well, almost. Except those days when he decided to torture me with refusing to day-nap or the times he insisted to nap only in my embrace while latching on, as if his whole life depended on my t*at! But overall, relatively to Iman, Adam is easier to care tho he sent our hearts reeling with panic during his first few days of life! And he has quite a good bond with Tebby, so to speak. After night feeding, he sometimes has trouble falling back to sleep. I tried to hug and recited zikr but at most times, he'd just wide-awake. Until Tebby does that, baru dia lelap. (that gives me the opportunity to catch on with sleeping he he) Iman, was and still is attached to me. Iman ni kiranya ala-ala ketua fan-club Ummi lah, kan.

The house is still tuggang terbalik. I managed to clear the laundry tho and keep it a strict routine to wash at least every 2 days, if not everyday. Kalau tak, bertimbun kain. It's a wonder how small kids can actually keep you laundry-basket filling in to the brim. Everyday, without fail. I scrapped off a bit of 'Bree Van De Kamp' or whatever bits of that sort that are still there. Tebby's office shirts are going into the washing-machine along with other laundry. Tak sempat nak sort and wash them separately like I did before. I still hang them under shade. I'm quite strict with this one. Kalau jemur tengah panas, (tho I like to collect crisp, dry shirts at the end of the day) they won't last as long as you'd like them to be. I also stopped to 'nila' Kakak's school uniform.

Cerita Ummi dah distracted to other things eh.


Happy One Month Old Little Guy!


aida said...

tengok gambar.. dah membesar macam johan :)

kak tie, adam pun sama cam fahri.. letih nak layan tiap2 jam nak gantung.

oren said...

anak kedua, memang gitu...sampai sekarang pun, si Najmi masih nak meleseh, walaupun adik dah baring atas riba..selalu buat mcm2 perangai..i guess, they wanted our attention...

-akuni- said...

Ahhh... geram nyer tengok baby... so cuddly (betul ke eja ni) and adorable... bila la kita nak dpt weh....

Selamat 1 Bulan Adam...

kaezrin said...

i pun dah scrapped tad bit of bree van de kamp cuma susah nak buang kesemuanya..

btw khazin pun bonding baik ajer ngan papa dier..he sleeps well when my boobies intact to him but kalau nak ulik2 tido papa dier lagi better in that..jkekekekeke

anyway happy 1 month old adam..he is doing well la worries..muaaahhhssssssss

::zuraimah:: said...

waaaaa sihatnye adam..

kak tie..confirm ke nak fridge tu? my fren is going to spore this coming friday..i already book one for ya

ummi said...

aida ~ semalam bawak pi klinik (BCG dia berkudis), people thought he's like 2 or 3 months old already. udah gene bapaknya jenis badan melebar gitu.. anaknya pon sama. bila anak suka gantung, nak pakai b** pun malas!

oren ~ diorang tak kira apa pun keadaan maknya dengan adik. kalau dia nak, dan dan tu jugak dia nak. sib baik Iman ni jenis tak kisah kat adik dia. cuit tidak, usik tidak, apa pun tidak. dia cuma perasan ada 'org lain' kat rumah masa Adam dah 11 hari.

ummi said...

akuni ~ apa lagi, masukkan lah dalam business plan 2009 anda! pujuk2 lah pak pengerusi rumah untuk tambah ahli yek!

kaezrin ~ sbb ada perangai Bree yang tambah stress tu. tengok atas meja, stress. tengok rak tv, stress. ahad ni cleaners datang. hopefully buleh buang stress sikit.

ummi said...

zuraimah ~ sihat. cam limaunipis cakap -> membesar bagai johan!

jadi.. jadi. nanti email kat akak cemana nak bayar, cemana nak ambik yek. email akak kat ti10982(at)yahoo(dot)com. mailbox t* dah kena tutup. thanks banyak2. ni nak buat mengisi ebm untuk Adam nih. takyah nak compete dengan ikan, udang, sosej segala!