Monday, December 31, 2007

Closing of 2007

Last day of 2007. 2007 has been a better year than the year before, in some angles, but worse in a way or two. I got promoted in July and got pregnant in August. In July I bought myself a small car and managed to drove it before I got hit by morning sickness. Financially, I have finished paying for 3 loans in 2007 (more like to prepare for 2008 punya expenses actually) and successfully started another one for the car!. Tebby got promoted in July as well (and made me pregnant in August he.. he..). He got an award for getting an MBA (along with some dough that has already been wisely spent for the kids). Kakak finally mastered the art of reading a few months back and got herself an excellent award during her kindy graduation. Iman, despite not being able to communicate yet, started to hum and 'sing' along themes of cartoons. Most importantly, no one got hospitalised this year (as compared to 6-7 times in 2006!). Perhaps the worst for me was not coming to work for like a month and not being able to really work my new post.


As planned we went balik kampung last weekend. Iman had blast of fun ransacking Atok's reban ayam while Kakak got to pillion ride Atok to buy dried corn for the chicken (and later fed the chicken, sampai ayam tak larat nak makan dah!) and stopped by a small river to watch 'orang pancing'.

Iman, mula-mula posing dekat reban ayam katik

pastu, umpan ayam-ayam dengan jagung kering

Iman, dok mengejar ayam

We had small BBQ feast, with tender juicy steaks and chicken wings, bought from Jusco and grilled by Tebby. Meleleh-leleh airliur Iman makan steak pedas but since he loves spicy food, dia telan jugak. Lagi dan lagi!

the beef's grilling. then went chicken wings and sausages on the makeshift grill.

Kakak, Iman, Mokkucu (my sister) and my nephews, Azib and Aqil

Semalam, at 6p.m we departed Temerloh and headed for KL, singgah rumah my SIL in Ukay Perdana for prayers and stopped again at McD's drive-thru for quick dinner. Sampai rumah at 9p.m with aching muscle. In fact the kids refused to get up for nursery today. Letih sangat lah tu.

Oh ya, special thanks to...

My brother & SIL who went to China a few weeks back. He's doing Elken and recently promoted to Diamond Manager. They gave us a tissue box cover with beautiful ribbon embroidery, and the kids got a mandarin-suit each. I heard my brother came back with 8 big bags..

My SIL and biras who performed their hajj and just came back. They gave us a sejadah, glittering with its golden thread, biji tasbih, some pistachios and sweets/chocolates.


aida said...

about that small sejadah
this is funny i suppose..

i bought one for my boss during my hajj and when i gave this to him, i got a remark from my staff "Bagus Aida bagi sejadah tu"

i found out that day he didn't pray. (he is actually stationed at a different building from us before he moved to work nearer to us this year). opss...

maybe Allah wants me to remind him about his religious task?

ummi said...

aida ~ reminders come in many shapes and sizes, itupun kalau kita dapat 'tangkap'. it scares me when i got to know ada org2 yang masih tak buat 5 daily prayers, let alone tak sembahyang langsung. esp when the person is married and ada keluarga sendiri. camne nak mendidik anak2?....