Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Tidying Up & Kids Art

I've been busy for the past week. Biasalah no helper, more chores to do kan. Projek going on (almost finish anyway) ialah mengemas the kids' toys. Kakak decided not to keep many things, which in a way is a blessing because the boys' toys sahaja dah ada 3 tong. There's a tong of baby toys which are of no use anymore but too cute to be given away. But, it is better to give away and put a smile on some babies' faces than to keep them collecting dusts dalam stor kan. Hurmp.. Why do I have to be so kedekut?

Here's one of the categories (owhh.. ku sungguh pathetic, toys anak2 pun ada sorting system), toy cars. These are what I decided to keep. Half is going for donation. Ni pun rasanya dah banyak sangat hilang ntah ke mana.

Btw, my SIL was here for some of the medical courses. She came to my house semalam and brought the eldest 2 to Jusco Bukit Mahkota Cheras. Balik tu both has their hands on their back with wide proud smile on each face. Ingatkan belikan Ummi hadiah ke apa.. rupanya they went to an art session (unplanned, coincidently ada session running) and had fun trying their hands on some canggih play-dough and these are the result..

LADYBUG by Kakak.
Btw, kaler sebenar bodynya ialah biru. Memfoto dengan HTC tak berapa canggih beserta dengan lampu mentol kuning adalah tidak digalakkan.

I was doubting if he did this himself until Kakak said 'I saw with my own eyes Ummi. Iman buat sendiri'.

Nampaknya lepas ni kelas play-doh Ummi (read here) mungkin tutup terus lah, now that they know there's a more canggih option.. nearby some more!

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