Thursday, December 30, 2010

HUKM - Speech Therapy Iman

Penat 12 jam perjalanan KT-KL semalam still terasa. Banyak kali stop, pi toilet, makan, hantar anak sedara then pit stop kat Temerloh jap. Bertolak jam 9.00 pagi, sampai BTHO jam 9.00 malam. But then kena jugak pegi HUKM hari ni for Iman's speech therapy. His second session. This time he was assigned to another therapist as Haslina (Iman's case under Haslina actually) was away bercuti.

Well, the session was a lot livelier, merrier and Iman did almost everything without hesitation. In short he cooperated and even told her that his favorite color is purple (yes peep, my son loves purple!)

The therapist whose name I didn't get, I, the socially-incapable-being forgot to ask, told us to do few things to help improve Iman's speech (plus what I saw she did during the session).

1) Always try to lengthen conversation whilst adding up adjective, nouns, verbs to a sentence. Example beads - say big blue oval bead, the black cat tries to eat the white mouse.

2) Using visual card, practise 'what's missing'. Example, in card 1, a boy is brushing his teeth but no toothbrush on card 1, instead on other card. After mathing them correctly, ask him what the picture tells i.e. the boy is brushing his teeth using a toothbrush. For this, we'll need few mathing cards.

3) Using visual card as well, play memory game. Ask for 2 or 3 cards. Give me an umbrella, a duck and an elephant. See if the child can remember.

4) Sticker book. Done with the stickers, ask him to tell about the pictures.

5) Widen his vocab with new words as well as things with same function but with different names such as kerusi, sofa, bangku. All is used to sit on right tapi nama lain-lain. Same goes to helo

Always, use rewards system. If one thing is done correctly, give him something to play with such as blocks, building a robot etc.

these are what I made him read while waiting