Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have always believed everything happens for a reason.

It's not even a week yet and the kids are behaving relatively well. Less quarelling, less spilling drinks, less tantrums. I was suprised (and very thankful) that Iman even let Adam share his collection of transformers and they had good time playing those ultraman. And goofing around. Together.

Kakak helps around more. Whenever Iman or Adam suara kuat sikit, cecepat dia datang and ask what's the matter. She prepares tumbler after tumbler of orange drink and keeps them in the fridge. Bila habis je, dia buat lain.

The only downside now is that, I can't teach at home Iman consistently as I used to. Maybe I should include Adam as well so that he doesn't kacau so much.

But, by writing this, doesn't mean I am thanking x-bik for running away.


Tyha said...

salam...bibik dah lari ke kak?

Tyha said...

Ok...dah lama x jenguk blog...balik kg pon x tengok FB...dah tahu cerita sebenar...less bibik lagi ok kot walaupon penat....sabar ye kak...;)

ummi said...

tyha ~ iya.. kabur, cha alip but.

tyha ~ nak kata lg okay xde maid or ada maid, susah nak ckp. dalam situasi akak nih maid perlu. i need to manage Iman's case sementara dia masih kecik ni. Kalau dah besar susah nak perbetulkan.