Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Precious!

Selamat Ulang Tahun ke-9 anakku.

Your last birthday before you hit your double digit and then your teens. I want you to know that no matter what number your age is, I'll always be there for you in good times or bad times. I will sob at your sad stories, I will laugh at your funny ones and I will smile at your happy ones. I want to be the one you'll first look for to share your stories and heartfeelings. I will love you unconditionally and hope you'd be that too, me.

I love you, precious one. Always have, always will.

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Anonymous said...

quahappy birthday kakak! dah besar anak dara kak T.. sure uminyer dah mule melancholy sebab anak dara dah nak jadi teenagers! sure risau kan.. isk


y@tipruzz said...

mane gambar BBQ?
hepi besday kakak!!! dah besar anak dara sorang ni :)

matasipit said...

Happy bday Kakak!!
You've grown up! But in my mind I still remember you from the picture as a tiny and sweetest little thing at your mother's cubicle years ago..

Farra said...

happy birthday kakak! syoknyer anak dara dah besar..i pon tak sabar tau ehehhe

ummi said...

julie ~ you bet. bila masuk teens nanti surely emotionally difficult to handle but I hope things will go on smoothly.

yati ~ gambar? sat naaaaaa. iya, dah besar budak sorang neh

ummi said...

erni ~ that sweet little thing now almost as the same size as the mother already! she's still that sensitive, melancholy self tho.

farra ~ when she was small, akak tak sabar dia besar and now that she's 9, miss pulak tengok dia kecik2 dulu..