Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Princess!!

Born 6 years ago at 2.20p.m, on 8th August 2001, she was a 3.5kg bundle of joy. (just for record - that was quite an achievement for a first time mother but i do not wish to break my own record) 52cm in length with 33cm head circumference. And now, she's a young lady with her own opinions. And not scared to voice out her thinking.

She'd been asking if she could have party packs this time around. And some cakes to cut after her friends sing the birthday song. At the end of the day, she came back home a little tired than usual. My suspect was that she was overly over-excited with the little celebration.

To Kakak, Happy Birthday from Ummi, Abah and Iman.

We love you much more than you think we do.


pB said...

Salam Ummi..

apa cerita tingkat 20 tu..??


selamat hari jadi kakak ...

matasipit said...

wa.. dah besar dah Kakak ye..

appeyyyy besday athirah.. :)
may your life filled with happiness and a good health... :)

The Singa said...

happy birthday kakak..
cantikla kek dia..

Farra said...

happy birthday kakak!
lawo gambo kek ni
kat my blog hampeh, sbb digicam hampeh kot
anyway guna digicam brand ape ek? look good

myjulieyana said...

happy birthday athirah!

dah besar anak akak eh?

yatipruzz said...

eppi besday girl..we're besday mate!
may allah bless u with good life n a gud big girl okeh!

ummi said...

PB ~ tkt 23 nak pindah cygal. tkt 20 taktau pulak? ada apa?

matasipit ~ a ah.. besar dah. kejap aje kan.

the singa ~ comey kan kek tu. berusaha kami menahan nafsu nak potong kek tu malam tu. kang marah lak bday girl kek dia kena makan before party kat sekolah dia.

farra ~ camera kodak 4mp jek. tak le hebat mana pun. guna mode close-up dan jauhkan dari anak-anak anda masa nak snap gambo tu.

julie ~ yes, Kakak dah besar. kecik dulu lain kerenahnya, penat badan kita. dah besar ni lain pulak, penat perasaan pulak!

yati ~ happy birthday to you also. celebrate kat ner? tukang buat kek takyah susah2 nak order2 kek kan. kalau bgtau kakak she should be a good girl, marah dia. alasannya 'i am a good girl!'