Tuesday, August 07, 2007

little recaps

it's been awhile, isn't it? between work and family committments, i am quite full at the moment. forget about personal space or personal time. if, showering can be defined as one, yes i do have 10 minutes of personal space. nothing to brag or to nag about. this is the life i somewhat chosen, right. i wonder how it'd feel to be a stay-at-home mom? while earning the same dough at least like i do now?


we finally made the second step. forked out some RM1.8k for the maid. my SIL helped us and found a suitable, willing candidate. insyaAllah, it'll take about 1-2 weeks for her to settle on Indonesia's side and we'll ask for a favor from tebby's biras to settle on this side. if Nur doesn't mind celebrating Eid here in Malaysia, she's most welcome the moment everything is settled. otherwise, it's gonna be after Eid then. i've been getting negative remarks on this maid thingy. we're praying that everything will go on smoothly. and if Nur later can't cope, we'll send her home. in good faith.

some notes during the days i did not manage to blog..

28th July 2007
thanks to mummychomel for the invitation. went to her open-house cum cukur jambul baby Azriel Mirza. met Myra (who was quite busy at the moment we were there). good food, nice house and wonderful host. we had great time MC!

1st Aug 2007
marked our 10th anniversary in the company. me, tebby and some 100-something other friends. a few made it to GM level now, some are AGMs, some portions at managerial level and some still at executive level. thanks to the company. me and tebby are personally indebted. hey, our medical bills last year could have afforded me something even greater than ViVa!

2nd Aug 2007
down with swimming headache. finally i got sometime off on my own, doing nothing back home. tebby was late so i fetched the kids myself from Atfal. the journey was like 4-5km to-fro but to this mokcik, that was something. hey,... do applause for her.

4th Aug 2007
went to APSH for Iman's routine check-up. alhamdulillah he was okay tho not tip-top. scrapped off pneumoccocal injection as he was still having runny-nose. dr stocked us up with neurogain.

that night, we went for a little celebration in Milwaukee. had good food and good time. met Zarid there.

6th Aug 2007
took a day off to run some errands like confirming kakak's std 1 registration next year. she's going to SR BTHO(2). and watching Simpsons The Movie. i knew i could not miss that one. had good laugh and time.

went to buy things for kakak's party packs (she's going to be 6 tomorrow). ordered 2 cakes from Farra. Yati said sorry for not being able to bake another 2. i hope kakak is going to have a good time tomorrow.

iman did a little stunt last night. he ran about and tripped on the carpet. he fell and his face landed on the front-board of our sofa. thank God i never fancy kerusi kayu. his nose bled and swell. rushed him to nearby clinic with a nappy dotted with fresh blood. so relieved to know that the bleeding is not coming from internal and the swelling is just on his tulang rawan.

7th Aug 2007
i have a meeting to attend and a seminar to go later on but i stayed back home to look after him. i'll be working again tomorrow insyaAllah. iman looks ok so far. he vomitted just once, which i guess from the crying. the swelling is lessening and he's already up and about since this morning. btw, he was trying to immitate Barney's dancing and singing when he went overboard and hurt himself.

oklah. dried laundry needs folding. chow chin chow for now. i rolled up the carper already btw.


myjulieyana said...

hecticnye life akak.. macamana la org yg ada anak ramai kan? tabik kat aida sbb dah ada 3 anak kocik2.. hehe.. saya br masuk 2 pon cuak nak start keje nanti.. cemane laa..

ummi said...

julie ~ to be frank, akak dah nak give-up dah ni. give-up tang keje tu lah. letih makcik dibuatnya. i think somehow nanti you can adjust. sikit2 lah kan. insyaAllah

myjulieyana said...

i hope so.. saya lepas pantang ni pon start keje baru.. so much to expect.. huhu.. hope i could adjust real soon..