Friday, July 27, 2007

My Not-So Graceful Week

i don't update regularly nowadays, don't you think? i won't be until all these BP thing is over. that is something that you need to face when working for a giant. to be finally able to have your BP approved at the highest level, you need to go through many stages. each one comes with its own comments, re-calculations, amendments and whatnots. as if all those are not enough, i was called for a workshop next week. plus, the management wants to see how we performed half-year last year on something we did not consider as KPI back then. that means, i will have do all the calculations right up from Dec05 until June 2006. that's 7 bl**dy months, mind you. i hate backtracking. especially that far.

to be frank, my house is out of order. i have mountains of laundry to wash, fold and put away. kitchen sink is full of pinggan mangkuk yang dah cuci. i woke up one day to an empty drawer of undies. sib baik ada yang tak lipat lagi. i've been coming back late for quite a number of days. please don't nag me and do not ask me why i didn't do the things after coming back. you see, first 1/2 hr was spent entertaining the kids then i took my shower and had little dinner. by then it was like 11p.m already. i deserve some rest too.

i need a maid.


me and tebby did some provision during one of the lunch breaks last week. the usual titbits for the kids as bekal to kindy, frozen food for one of those balik lambat dinner, loads of small cartons of choc-milk for Iman. when the cash-register 'khcing', they all amounted to RM44.44. yes, coincidently. today i rushed to Tabung Haji to deposit some of the ESOS money (before they end up as shoe, bags, blouses and God-Knows what) and some balance from the bonus. yes, i can be that strict with myself. especially now that my usual net-income is being deducted for that little fella. i left office at 11.20, hoping to catch the counter open. they say TH closes counter at 12.00 on Friday. there was me walking like one mad lady from Ampang Park LRT to TH building. and guess what, I got the number 2222. btw, TH closes at 12.15 on Friday. sib baik baju kurung mak tak koyak kat tepi sbb jalan laju cam apa jek. what else after this, start our 3rd child mission when Iman celebrates his 3rd birthday in November? *tebby still says no to this*. what the he**, they're just numbers.

oh, Kakak will be celebrating her 6th birthday this August. she insists that we prepare party-packs for her kindy friends and have some cakes with some candles to blow. i have ordered 2 moist-choc cake from Farra Smiley. i need 2 more cakes. i need 4-5 cakes in order for all kakak's kindy-mates to have decent portion each. as for party-pack, tebby and i are going to take a day leave to buy things and do the packing.

Iman is in ohlala land already (ops I forgot to administer his combivent and inflamide.. be prepared for coughing nanti kang ni). Kakak is still watching ch62, her favourite. Tebby is away in the office doing recon for his div's BP. and i need to finish my ISO9001 online learning..


ta ta for now.


CT said...

ummi, kakak is already 6 and iman is reaching 3, so, another little junior will be out soon????

ummibatrisya said...


ummi sekolah tun fatimah ke? kenal ira kusmawati abdullah?

ummi said...

ct ~ belum masuk business plan pun hak yang tu...

ummibatrisya ~ yes i know her. send my salam to her yek.