Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tale of Work & Kids

the kids are off to Atfal again. (my parent went back this morning via 9am bus) iman, threw his famous morning tantrum again. dah 3 hari sedap tidur sampai matahari naik, tup2 hari ni gelap2 lagi dah kena angkut naik keta.. membara beb! last night went to Yankees Hut in Bangi with my parents. the 2 goneks were wildly running around. that's what make me love Yankees Hut. to me the food so-so but they have big compound where the kids can vent out their energy in. and it's a bit far from jalan besar so i worry less about the traffic. suffice to say, when we were ready to leave, their pyjamas were soaking wet from sweat.

finally i can breath a bit. submitted our BP (not blood-pressure, this one is Business Plan. but true.. it can raise your blood pressure). plus, i sold another 2 lots of ESOS at 10.60. after a few days, i think 10.80 was just too ambitious (i q-ed them at 10.80 before). lega. kchhingggg... finally, my silent cash register will be sounding next week he he.

kakak can finally read! i am so happy. even words with sukukata like 'lang, cing, kat'. (i know.. i know.. your kids can read at barely 4yo.. this one is my baby. i can brag about her as i wish ain't i..) it took her quite long (that even i thought was too long) to grasp the concept of reading. when she finally got it, there you go. as for english, it took her quite sometime to master Peter & Jane 1a. After that, she sped from 2a to 3a quite impressively.

as for Iman, he speaks more but still too little comprehendable conversation. it's not like he's not trying but all that came out are all babbling sound with a word or two that sound fimiliar to our adult ears. these few days, he took interest in book as well. that, i like. i hope tak lama lagi i can have him sit still for a while and share a book or two with me.

oh, by-the-way. Tebby is on leave today. i thought he was seeing Dr Mazlam as he missed (again) his appointment. rupanya he wanted to see TRANSFORMERS. i am concerned about him not seeing Dr Mazlam about his gastritis and he took a leave to watch that movie. i told him if his gastritis strike again, i'm gonna call TRANSFORMERS to help him. that, sent him running to the clinic *grin*.

okie dokie. i want to doze off for a few minutes before starting work again.


Kaklong said...


tahniah utk kakak!!!nnti lepas ni blh baca buku bnyk2 ya kakak..

eh, anak teruna tu berapa tahun dah ya?

err..lesen pekasam saya lagi kick la, kat berbelas tahun hihi

aida said...

hahaha, that was so comel.. nak panggil transformers camna tu?